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Trtl pillow review

by Stacy
Trtl pillow review


Traveling at night can be quite uncomfortable. There is a high likelihood of waking up with a stiff neck from the journey. You can, however, give your neck the support it deserves by choosing the Trtl pillow.

Do you have a long neck and often travel at night? You are prone to experiencing discomfort if you don’t use a travel pillow. The problem with most of the brands is that they don’t offer the best support as expected. Trtl is, however, different since it is scientifically proven to work. You should bring along this pillow while traveling on a plane, bus, or train. People who have just had surgery or undergoing therapy even use it on a sofa. It helps you sleep upright so that you don’t experience neck pain.

What you should expect from it

While most of the travel pillows come in a ‘U’ shape, Trtl has a different appearance. It looks more of a scarf than a pillow. You can easily fold the Trtl pillow and attach it to your traveling bag. This pillow is small and weighs less than most of the travel pillows. It is, therefore, not a burden during traveling. The pillow does not take a lot of your luggage space.

You also get different color options to pick from, such as grey, black, red, or coral. The manufacturer offers diversity in colors to suit your specific style. The pillow feels quite soft due to the material used to make it. Trtl pillow comes in excess fabric, which helps in concealing your mouth from hanging open as you sleep. It can save you from the embarrassment of drooling next to a stranger. You can use it anywhere, regardless of the seat, you get. It should feel comfortable even if you pick the middle seat.

Scientists conducted motion analysis to test the effectiveness of this pillow compared to other brands. After the assessment, they reported that Trtl could withstand the weight of your head while sleeping in a neutral position better than memory foam travel pillows. You should, therefore, expect enhanced performance as you use this pillow.


Manufacturers of this travel pillow went against the regular shape used in designing such pillows. David Kellock and Michael Corrigan are the engineers behind this travel pillow. Instead of sticking to the conventional U mold, they decided to create this travel pillow in such a way that it could offer exceptional comfort while sleeping on a plane.

Key features

  • Making

The engineers used sturdy plastic in the internal system of the pillow. It also comes with polyurethane foam filling and contains a breathable fleece wrap that goes around your neck. Some people, however, claim that the fabric gets overly warm with changes in the temperature. You may not feel comfortable using the pillow all through the night if you tend to sleep warm or if the flight is not air-conditioned sufficiently.

Its neck support frame contours to your jaw and head so that you can sleep comfortably while on the go. The support frame is designed in such a way that it can tilt at an angle between your neck and shoulder so that you can reposition your body in the most comfortable position.

Long Velcro strips also secure Trtl pillow, giving you the chance to adjust the brace according to your desired tightness. Its soft material also ensures that you enjoy extra warmth as you rest. Most people reveal that the fluffy pillow is more comfortable than most of the models in the market.

  • Full neck and head support

If you lean against the bus or plane for head support, you may not enjoy your sleep due to constant movement. Trtl pillow offers enough support for your neck and head to prevent this. Research shows that this travel pillow gives you an enhanced ergonomic position than most of than inflatable plane cushions.

  • Patented design

Unlike most of the travel bags that come in large sizes and a U shape, this looks more like a scarf. Its patented design makes it adjustable to boost comfort.

  • Maintenance and usage

You will also not experience problems with the upkeep of the Trtl pillow. It is hypoallergenic and can be cleaned through a machine washer. This means that you can always have your pillow ready for your next trip and not have to worry about the contamination of germs. Also, it does not accumulate as much dirt as conventional ‘U’ shaped pillows.

If you are planning on buying this travel pillow, you need to learn the correct way of wearing it. Though the shape may look a bit unorthodox, the Trtl pillow is easy to use. When it is folded, you can unfurl it by separating the Velcro.

Once you unfold it, hold it as if you are trying to put on a scarf then position the brace in the most comfortable position. You can then use the Velcro to secure it around your neck. Feel free to position the brace under your chin or over one of the shoulders. As you tilt, the fabric should conform to the shape of your face or jaw. Ensure you go through the instructions included in your package for you to use the Trtl pillow correctly.


  • It has a soft fleece cover that enhances comfort
  • Comes with a flexible frame that supports your head
  • You can easily fold it
  • It is lightweight


  • You may not achieve adequate tightness as desired
  • It interferes with the use of earbuds and headphones
  • Some users say it does nor rest flat around your neck
  • Though the brand is the same, the quality of Trtl is not precisely the same


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Final word

Trtl is a unique travel pillow since it is made to increase support and comfort during resting while on a journey. It minimizes neck pains after traveling and gives you a restful sleep throughout the night. Check out the price of this travel pillow from Amazon now and consider buying it while traveling.


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