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Travel Tours for Families

by Stacy
Travel Tours for Families

Travel tours for families are the best way to recap on lost time, most parents work for 8hours and take up another side hustle in the evening. So the kids are mostly under the care of house managers or baby sitters or even relatives. Most families, therefore, save up, to go for tours with their kids, and by getting rid of outside commitments they get the chance to know their kids and strengthen the already existing bond.

Apart from fun, tours are important as they tend to reveal how life is on the other side and this makes people appreciate what they have; engaging with other cultures also brings new knowledge to both kids and parents that they would have never gotten from school. Family travel tours is also a key to new interests, kids and parents both develop desires to pursue things that they learned while traveling.

What’s more is that the hustle of traveling is bound to frustrate anyone even the small kids, when planes get delayed or canceled, sometimes luggage gets lost. Therefore, both the adults and kids have to learn to exercise patience, and for kids especially they get to learn how to be patient and responsible during travel even as they grow up.

Parents work hard, and sacrifice the little pleasures just to take their kids on travel tours; they also peel themselves off the daily life stresses, to focus on mending the weakening bonds with their kids. So it is only fair that as a parent, you get the value for your hard-earned money and that is why we will sample for you the best Travel tours for you and your family.

The Grand Canyon

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On the 26th of February 2019, the Grand Canyon completed 100 years since being declared a national park. That is one of the reasons why you should take your family on a travel tour to the historic site, apart from that, there are many other reasons to visit the park and on arrival, you will pass through the Grand Canyon Village, which is also the entry.

The village hosts the Yavapai Point where you can get a wholesome view of the canyon; the place also has accommodation for travelers who don’t want to sleep away from the Canyon. While here you can visit the rustic Grand Canyon Railway Depot and the kids can learn a few facts on the railroad expansion and its impact on tourism.

The Hopi house plays host to Native American souvenirs, and works of art derived from the Grand Canyon can be accessed at the Kolb. The village is also self equipped to suffice almost all of a traveler’s demands, as it is packed with restaurants, so your family’s energy needs are well catered for. Shops and markets are available complete with ample parking space.

The fun part of the Canyon is that you can go camping with your family members in the Bright Angel Trail, where there is a steep trail that will take you to plateau point and if you remembered to carry your camera then you will be able to capture memorable photos of the river.

The reason for camping at the Canyon is because the trail is over six miles long and that is one way, therefore, pack your camping equipment and don’t forget to carry enough water. The trail is traveled with a mule, which will be so much fun for the kids. You will also get an aerial view of the Canyon if you had a balloon/helicopter tour on your bucket list.

Grand Canyon offers so much and you might never exhaust all the opportunities, you can, therefore; visit the Havasu Falls that features crystal blue waterways, and you can also take a rafting trip on the Colorado River. For those who are not afraid of heights, there is the Canyon Skywalk, which is a large semi-circular bridge with a challenging transparent glass floor.

The transparent walk can give you goosebumps but as you walk on it, and the first thing that comes to mind is that it might break. Remember that it has been constructed to contain about 71million lbs and withstand a magnitude 3 earthquake.

Clear Water Beach Florida

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The first thing that comes to mind when you land on a beach especially if you are traveling with kids is the availability of a lifeguard, the showering stations, entertainment and how you will go about when the sunsets. All the above in one package will have you throw care to the wind and enjoy your travel tour with your family

Clear Water Beach offers all the above with extra fun for adults as well as kids. First, they have the sandcastle shows, which are an interesting activity for the kids that will inspire them to be creative. On arrival at the beach, you will have to rent an umbrella and a beach chair from one of the local vendors, and for more fun activities, you can jump in the water slide, there is also the Bungee Jumping Trampoline.

The Surf Style at the indoor flow rider is a place where adults can test their surfing skills, and for family bonding, you could rent a pontoon boat and take a ride in the Intracoastal waters, and swing by the shell island. An educational tour for both adults and kids would involve taking the Sea Life Safari tour under the guide of a Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

The Sea Life Safari Eco tour will have the kids getting into close contact with live sea creatures that are pulled from the sea in nets, dolphins are also present and you know how entertaining they can be. Souvenirs are also available in form of shells and you can gather as many as you like, take them home for display or be creative and make something unique and special out of them.

Food is catered for by the restaurants that are in close proximity, such as the Shepherds Tiki Beach Bar and Grill and the Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill among others.


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My daughter has been bugging her dad for an Iceland travel tour, which is due this December so I decided to sample some of the fun things that would be of interest and lo! I was amazed. Residents of the area are fond of biking, horseback riding, caving, fishing, and river rafting and I think we will do all the above as a family of course.

Iceland has been known to have long winter seasons, so Icelanders make the best of the summer period. However, the winter seasons are not an excuse to seclude yourself, as they have the geothermally heated public pools. Sports being an Icelandic culture will be an opportunity for you and your family to learn or showcase your volleyball skills.

For your accommodation needs, you could rent a cottage and take some memorable photos of the beautiful Icelandic nature surrounding the cottage. You could also do a camping trip in Iceland during the summer period, to enable you save and spend on other fun activities, like going on Jet Boat Tours, glacier hiking, Super Jeep Tours or the snowmobile ride.

Your kids are going to love the different recipe ice creams in Iceland, remember that Icelanders take ice cream all year round even in the winter season. It, therefore, warrants the curiosity of trying out the delicacy and see what you have been missing out on. And if you are lucky enough you might find the Summer solstice Festival or the Thjodahtid, which is a camping festival.

The festivals and concerts in Iceland are some sort of get together, where friends participate or tag along to the concerts for fun. You could also explore other popular sites at night since they are less crowded or hike Mt. Esja, which offers you alternatives on how difficult you want your journey to be.

So you could take the easy or tough route to Steinn and if you manage to make it to the top be sure to leave a “was here” signature at the provided guest book.

Gulf Shores, Alabama, U S A

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As you escape from the busy bee lifestyle, it doesn’t help if you have to again deal with crowds of travelers, and that’s why we suggest that you go visit with your family, the Gulf Shores of Alabama. Some of its attractive features include the white shores, the appetizing seafood, watching the sunset and collecting seashells.

So what else can you do in Alabama, I would suggest that you take your kids to the Alligator alley and have their adrenaline running as you have fun. While there, you will be able to see the life stages of the alligators as they have been grouped from the smallest to the largest, and you can also feed them because their food is sold nearby.

The Orange Beach Marina will have you taking memorable photos while jet skiing on the Alabama coastal waterway, and mind you kids are allowed. Dolphins are present in the water and an up-close look can be a thrilling adventure for every family member. The Gulf State Park Beach is also a nice stopover, and you will have to part with an entrance fee to crash into the waves.

The beach is large enough for everyone, complete with a bathroom area and outside showers. If you have never seen a sea turtle; well this is your chance but don’t bother them too much. Parasailing in the Orange Marina Beach is one among the bucket list for many tourists and even more interesting is that you can go in groups.

Other exciting activities for families are kayaking, Banana boat rides, there are also the mermaid cruises and these I will let you explore. You can also go deep-sea fishing, visit the Wharf and do a dolphin cruise.

Crete, Greece

Parents who want a balance of fun and education while bonding with their kids can tour Greece, where they will be able to visit the archaeological sites in the Island; one of which is the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion. Other captivating sites that you can tour and take memorable photos with your family are the Minoan palaces.

Mountain climbers can visit the Islands Gorges and Mountain ranges, or the captivating sites of the Elafonisi Beach, which features pink sand even in the sand dunes. Greece prides itself on maintaining most of its natural features and you will, therefore, have the opportunity to take a dive in the natural pool at the beach.

The Balos Lagoon is a rival to Elafonisi but just as paradisiacal with a beautiful pool of turquoise shallow water. A boat ride will have you explore the Gramvousa island, and other fun water activities include Scuba diving as there are centers scattered throughout the island to cater to that such as the Hersonissos Cape in Heraklion and the Panormos Village in Rethymnon.

You could also go kayaking with your kids, and follow the routes that pass through Sougia, Loutro, Paleochora and Agia Roumeli, this are unique places that you can visit while on the tour. Surfers can test out their skills in Crete and this includes kite surfing, Windsurfing and paddle surfing in Agia marina, Amoudara, and Elafonisi.

A family ride on mountain bikes will enhance your stay and experience, which you can do in the villages and on the mountain roads. The bicycles are rented and they even have small ones for kids of seven years old. Small kids always enjoy seeing the marine animals and what better way to fulfill the desire than by visiting the Aquaworld.

Crete hosts an aquarium “Aquaworld,” in Hersonisos where it displays different sea animals and reptiles from around the globe. The animals were acquired through rescuing and provided for a loving home, you can, therefore, capture unique shots in this location.

There is also the Dinosauria Park, and this place will blow your kids away because of how they are always fascinated by the animals. In the park, you will relive the pre-historic family adventure by interacting with models of dinosaurs that ever existed, and an interesting fact is that the dinosaurs can move and even produce sounds.

Educational games are provided for children to learn about the lives and history of the dinosaurs, and there are also some interactive plays, including the excavation of fossils. The park is located in the east Crete at Heraklion.

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