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Tortuga Setout review

by Stacy
Tortuga Setout review


Are you looking for a sturdy backpack that you can use while on the move? You need to consider buying Tortuga Setout. This bag is not only cost-effective but also fully featured and light. Find out more!

Every traveler has different criteria when it comes to choosing backpacks. While some focus on the specific features of a bag, others look at the overall quality and price tag. Choosing Tortuga Setout can help you fulfill your every need since the manufacturer is keen on details. This backpack is often used by travelers who like carrying different electronic gadgets. It offers ample space for this and much more. It is best for urban travelers who are always on the move.

What should you expect from the backpack?

Tortuga setout is an excellent backpack that comes in different sizes. You can choose the largest or smallest size depending on your stuff and how long your trip is. The manufacturer offers different sizes of the brand to accommodate people with various needs. You can choose the 45L, 35L, or 26L backpack. Take note that the biggest size is not always acceptable in all airlines.

Apart from the size, Tortuga setout is one of the lightest backpacks in the market. One of the flaws of the other models from Tortuga is that they are quite cumbersome. After receiving such complaints, the manufacturer decided to come up with a lightweight backpack that weighs only 3.9lbs. It is also a carry-on sized bag that you can carry on your next flight.

You should also expect a stylish backpack that stands out among the rest. Tortuga setout comes in different finishes and colors such as black and navy or heather grey. You, therefore, get the chance to pick a backpack according to your taste. The round corners of the bag make it look better than the previous Tortuga blocky version.

Key features

  • Hip belt

If you are not new to carry-on sized backpacks, then you probably know how rare this feature is to find in most of them. Tortuga setout is not your regular travel bag. The manufacturer includes a padded hip belt, which helps in transferring the backpack’s weight from the shoulders to the lower body.

It, therefore, prevents you from experiencing back pain even if you choose to carry it for hours. This feature can help you a lot, especially if you wish to carry electronics in your backpack. You also get the freedom to unclip the hip belt if you have no intention of using it.

  • Front-loading

Tortuga setout opens the entire front part, just like a suitcase. It is, therefore, a perfect backpack for hiking since it allows you to access all your items more conveniently. The feature also allows you to keep your stuff organized inside as you can use different corners of the main compartment to store various items.

  • Durability

The durability of a backpack is a critical factor that you have to consider as you compare different brands. You can use this backpack for more than two years and still like how beautiful it looks. It does not get damaged with ease since it is made from high-quality materials. The bag is also water-resistant, thus preventing the damage of your items. It is, however, not entirely water-proof. The manufacturer includes long-lasting zippers and Duraflex buckles to boost its durability.

  • Electronic storage

If you like moving with all your electronic gadgets, you will like the dedicated sleeves of Tortuga Setout. At the back part of the bag is a laptop sleeve that is padded for your comfort. It is close to your body to enhance the distribution of weight. You also get extra space for your tablet. Do not place a tablet that is above 9.7 inches since it can make the backpack heavier that it is intended.

  • Extra storage space

Apart from the main compartment, Tortuga Setout offers extra pockets to help you organize everything. It is divided into different sections, which you can access with a zip on the top part. You can use some of the small sections to hold things like your smartphone, notebook, or pens. As you use the main section, consider getting packing cubes that can help you separate your major items well. This can help you save a lot of space, especially if you intend to carry a lot of stuff.

  • Should straps

The shoulder straps of this backpack are injection-molded. Even if they may feel a bit stiff at first, they should get comfortable in a couple of days. They also come with load lifters that enhance the positioning of the shoulder straps. When these straps are close to your body, you can carry the backpack more comfortable. You can unclip the straps and hide them in the back panel if you don’t want to use them.

  • Lockable zippers

When traveling, you have to ensure that your items always remain safe at all times. You can boost this by choosing a backpack that features lockable zippers. These allow you to lock your bag when it is stored in a public place to prevent the theft of your stuff, especially expensive electronics. Feel free to lock all the compartments of your backpack.


  • You get free shipping
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • The bag comes in three different compartments
  • You can also pick from various sizes and color options


  • You cannot adjust the height of the suspension system
  • The large size is not accepted in most airlines
  • It is not water-proof


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Final thoughts

If you want a travel bag that can give you value for your cash, choose Tortuga setout. Though this may seem more expensive than some of the brands, it is worth every penny. The backpack comes with numerous features that enhance comfort and security. You also get the freedom to bring along a lot of items, including your laptop or tablet. Most travelers choose this bag since it allows them to keep things organized and lasts for long. What are you waiting for?


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