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by Stacy
Solo Travel Tours for seniors

The Best Places to Visit in Peru

Life begins at 40, so they say and as you approach 50 things start to slow down a bit because everyone else is busy except you. Adventure and Exploration are everyone’s favorite, just as reading a new book takes you miles away from your physical environment, the practical is equally satisfying. Solo seniors can make do with a nice vacation away from home, experience the world, learn some new cultures, make new friends and have fun.

What you don’t know is as big as the universe, so how about you take a plane to Peru, learn some culture, visit the historical sites, get a test of their architecture and get accommodated while having fun in the most serene of environments.

Sacred Valley-Cusco (Peru)

The good thing about being a tourist is that you don’t have to carry a whole load of bags, just for a change of clothes, because the best destinations will have you acquiring many artifacts and beautiful clothes. So you might want to leave enough space to carry the experience back home.

A sneak peeks into South America took us to Peru, remember they host a part of the Amazon forest, therefore, those who love adventure in the wild will have a ball. Mountaineers can sweat it out in the Andes Mountains and visit the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu. Now for the solo senior travelers, there are about 10 destinations in Peru, where you can relive your best memories, and top on our list was the Sacred Valley.

The exact destination is an hour away from Cusco where your flight will land and once there you can visit the Chincheros market that comes alive on Sundays with a wide variety of pottery and textile that range from blankets to scarves with the best quality. Vegetable farming tips will be availed to you in plenty and you can also learn the different weaving techniques.

Souvenirs are also available and the women in the markets are generous enough to teach you how they prepare their wool and add the colors to come up with the beautiful scarves and sweaters. Good quality jewelry is also available in the market mostly silver embellished with gemstones, some of which relate to their local history.

Another fine Destination is the beautiful Incas fortress, built in the 15th century, the ruin has stood the test of time. You might not be able to visit all the areas so it will be up to you to decide which places to skip, as Ollantaytambo has been divided into four areas, the agricultural sector, the temple hill, the ceremonial area, and the ancient town.

Still, in the sacred valley, you will be able to find saltworks in the Maras, and if by any chance you find yourself there on a weekday; you still will be catered for, as there are small markets that run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and some on Sundays in Pisac. Here you will be exposed to a collection of handicraft articles, souvenirs, and beautifully woven scarfs and capes with bright colors.

Plaza de Armas, Lima

A small reminder, Lima is considered to be one among the largest cities in South American, so as you tour Peru and are a fan of beautiful architecture, Plaza de Armas is your place. There are a number of historical structures some of which are still functional such as the Government Palace, the view is breathtaking, but heavily guarded and visits are not really welcomed unless pre-arranged.

The president of Peru lives in the Palace also known as Palacio de Govierno, and government officials carry out most of their meetings in the palace. The grander is not as ancient because it has undergone a series of renovations that resulted in the now magnificent structure. Though strict people are still allowed to stand by the gates and admire the palace.

Image result for Palacio de Gobierno

Cas Del Oidor is a historical structure in Plaza de Armas and was used by the colonial magistrates; the building has been well maintained and will be a worthwhile visit since the public is allowed access. Once inside, you will get to learn about the activities that went on within the colonial balconies. Another beautiful structure is the city hall, that portrays detailed and attractive balconies.

The Municipal palace also known as Palacio, Municipal de Lima, has also seen a number of repairs because of the frequent earthquakes back in the day. It was, therefore, reconstructed and inaugurated in 1944, and a closer look at the interior is a “wow” factor, revealing the French Renaissance.

Featuring the Cedar balconies the Archbishop’s Palace of Lima is a must-visit as you tour Plaza De Armas. The colonial building was built in 1924 and is the home of Lima’s Archbishop; it is also the headquarters of the Roman Catholic. There is also the attractive Central fountain, which is a sight to behold and once hosted the city gallows.

The fountain has been replaced at least twice and the recent one was by Viceroy Garcia Sarmiento de Sotomayor. There is also the Cathedral of Lima, in close proximity to the Archbishop’s Palace, though attractive the building features a simple appearance when compared to the sophisticated Archbishops Palace.

Most buildings have been subject to reconstructions following a series of earthquakes but don’t worry your pretty head because the last one occurred in 1940. Single seniors who are culturally inclined and would love to expand their knowledge of Peru’s Architectural, and historical buildings that were used for administrative purposes, the Plaza de Armas will suffice.

The Paracas National Reserve

Most of the Solo senior individuals love a blended balance of fun and education all packaged in one location. The Paracas National Reserve offers exactly that, being located in the South Coast of Peru; the reserve hosts a wide variety of wildlife such as the migratory birds, dolphins and sea lions. Islands, deserts and oceans are some of its favorite characteristics not to mention the sandy beaches of Mendieta and La Mina.

The combination of nature and wildlife does signify differences in weather patterns, which is best to look out for before, going on a tour. However, for the Paracas Reserve, you are free to visit any time of the year. A visit between January and April will have you carrying fewer jackets and leg warmers, this, therefore, gives you the opportunity to interact with the locals and fellow travelers in water sports at the Paracas Bay.

There are numerous boat trips in the reserve, and for those who like to keep fit, they could try biking competitions or go on a mountain hike. The Pisco city is in close proximity to the National reserve and when you have had enough fun, you will be pleased to indulge your taste buds in the celebration of the region’s grape brandy celebrated in July; another event is the Pisco Sour Day.

You, therefore, might want to plan your trips to fit with the events. The National reserve also features geographical sites that will no doubt sharpen your knowledge on Geography; interesting sites include the Islas Ballestas, the Playa La Mina, the famous Paracas Peninsula, and the Paracas Candelabra among others.


There is this distinct character of escapism exhibited by the solo seniors, which is actually not bad for as long as you get the experience of a lifetime. And this brings us to your stay in Peru, the Huacachina Village, will give you a therapeutic blend of fun and rest.


The small village has a lagoon at the center and to complete the look you will notice a number of palm trees, which give the beach experience. Clubs and bars are also present to help you end the night in style. What’s more, is that the village is surrounded by sand dunes, so you can have as much fun as you want riding a dune buggy.


Their hotels have been given a three-star rating and vary in prices and services, for the younger tourists they have been catered for with the Wild Rover Hostel Huacachina that allows outdoor pool parties plus dining and a bar of course.

The Wild Rose is, therefore, not a good choice for the solo seniors, who have, therefore, been provided with the Hotel Sand and Lake Huacachina, which offers a serene environment complete with lagoon views and a lively bar. Other options exist with both expensive and affordable offers for tourists of all types whether couples, teens or young singles.


Image result for Mancora

Mancora is found in the Piura region in Peru and will welcome you with its lively sandy beaches, senior solo male tourists can test out their surfing skills in the large waves. You can also sample some of the local favorite foods, as the place plays hosts to a number of restaurants and cafés. Nights in Mancora are lively with the string of bars that enhance the nightlife.

Mud baths are also available, in the southeast area of the town complete with hot springs. And the icing on the cake are the migrating whales that tend to show up in the offshore waters. Accommodations are available in Mancora at a pocket-friendly price but can go as high as $140 with regard to services, and location


Image result for Iquitos

To get to the world’s largest city that has no road connection will see to an adventurous boat or plane ride. Industrialization was enhanced by the construction of roads, but the lack of one should cheat you to think that Iquitos is a backward city.

The area boasts of magnificently tiled houses and adventure lovers can indulge on a boat ride to the Amazon. Solo seniors will have fun sampling the various forest cuisines, and for those who are not conversant with mud huts, well this is their opportunity to interact with one. The Amazon jungle presents tourists with un modernized encroaches that give you the real jungle life experience.

Life in Iquitos is not any different from the modern world and the curiosity of how they get to enjoy ice creams and put up posh restaurants that serve distinct cuisine is a mystery that senior solo males and females should desire to unravel.

The Uros Island

A visit to Peru will not be complete without passing by the Uros Island. The floating island plays host to an indigenous group of people, who have a rich history and culture and one that they hold on to dearly, more interesting is how they came about to building the floating city.

Though displaying ancient characteristics the island does have some modern features, as they have adopted the use of solar panels to harness energy for their mobile phones and television sets. Education is valued on the island and the small children are taught in Christian schools, as the teens go to the mainland for their high school and university education.

Image result for the uros island

In terms of food, you will encounter a mix of modernity and old cultural activities such as hunting and gathering. And since most of the solo seniors rarely experience the medieval period this would be a good opportunity to get in touch with the ancestral roots.

Extensive knowledge will be available for tourists on the use of herbal medicine as the Uros people are fond of using a specific part of the totora reed for nourishment and medicinal purposes. For example, they use it as a pain reliever.

It is not easy to believe that people can actually live and survive for many years on an island made of reeds and even rear livestock. Well, the Uros are one of a kind in the history of mankind; solo seniors will learn how the reeds have been engineered to cater to the activities of man for at least three months.

Maintenance is also a necessity especially since many tourists flock the area to learn of this unique culture, even more, astonishing is the idea that the reeds can last up to 30 years under good maintenance. Their source of movement is via the totora reed boat, offering an interesting ride, and just like any other tourist destination, locals will attract you with their locally made handicrafts.

The profits from the tourists are one of their major survival means and since you will be contributing largely to the decay of their treasured homes it wouldn’t be a bad idea to tip them nicely.

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