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Osprey porter vs. Farpoint

by Stacy
Osprey porter vs. Farpoint


How do you pack when you are going on a journey? You need to consider this as you compare different backpacks. Learn the difference between Osprey Porter and Farpoint and choose the right one for your trip.

Osprey is a leading manufacturer when it comes to backpack. The company continues producing some of the best models that gain our attention. Some of the models that many people compare are porter and Farpoint. Both of the bags are used as carry-ons and come in handy when people are taking weekend trips.

Though these two backpacks have some similarities, their differences are quite clear. For you to determine the right bag to choose, you need to assess your traveling needs and know the fundamentals that your backpack should have. We will discuss Osprey porter vs. Farpoint to help you understand how these two models compare. Enjoy!

Osprey Porter
Osprey Farpoint
22 x 14 x 11 in
21 x 9 x13 in
40 L
3.4 lbs
3.0 lbs
17 inches
17 inches
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Osprey porter review

If you are looking for a handy backpack for your next trip, Osprey porter may be the right choice. This is ideal for travelers who bring along a lot of electronics with them. It comes with deep inner storage that provides room for so much gear.

Due to the depth and width of the backpack, you can carry with you so much stuff, including shoes, jackets, and toiletry for a weekend trip. If you don’t want to carry a lot of things, you can compress the bag so that it looks smaller.

What are the critical features of Osprey porter?

This bag has numerous carry handles on the sides, bottom, and top. You can use the handles if you don’t want to carry it around like a backpack. It also contains some waist straps which you can store at the bottom when boarding a plane.

The problem with this backpack is that its hip belt is not padded well. This means that the bag is not ideal for carrying heavy loads or going for long hikes since it can cause fatigue on your back. The back panel, however, contains a storage area for all your electronics. It offers ample safety for all your fragile items and has enough space to fit even a large laptop.

You also get extra space for things such as your chargers, phone, mouse, or diary. Apart from this section, the central storage also offers enough room for the rest of your luggage. The back comes with two zippered pockets that run from each size to boost convenience. Though the included compression straps work well, they make it hard for you to access some of your items like you would do with a suitcase.

The front compartment comes with an organizational panel that contains lockable zippers. This helps you keep things organized as you travel and allows you to access most of the items quickly. When it comes to comfort, most people don’t find Osprey porter very comfortable, especially when carrying a lot of stuff. You may feel the weight of the backpack if you carry it for long. Though the back panel comes with a pad for increased comfort, it is not ventilated.


  • Comes with an electronics compartment
  • Numerous pockets
  • Spacious enough


  • Not suitable for long distances
  • The big size is not acceptable at all airlines
  • It can get quite heavy


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Osprey Farpoint review

Just like Porter, Osprey Farpoint is a convertible bag that is suitable for travel. This, however, is a better version than the one we have discussed above. Most people choose Osprey Farpoint over Osprey porter due to its comfort level, durability, and additional features.

Key features

It comes with shoulder straps that are not only padded but also highly adjustable. Anyone can, therefore, carry the bag comfortably according to their body structure. You also get extra shoulder carry straps, which you can attach to the bag. If you don’t intend to fill this backpack, the compression straps available can help you minimize the space and secure everything well. The backpack also comes with a waist belt and sternum straps that make it more comfortable.

Like the Osprey porter, you get a padded sleeve to bring your laptop along. They two, however, differ in that the padded sleeve on this model is located inside the primary compartment. Osprey Farpoint is well made since it includes an aluminum frame that makes it sturdy. It is also super padded, making it perfect for carrying heavy loads for longer.

While Osprey Porter lacks a ventilated back panel, Farpoint has this feature. This means that even if you carry the bag during summer, your back will not sweat excessively. It also has lots of pockets that you can use to hold most of your items. The main compartment has lockable zippers for the safety of your belongings.

The problem with this bag is that it lacks an organization panel making it challenging to store every item separately. Though you may get a more comfortable experience with the backpack, it is not the best when it comes to organizing your things.


  • It comes with lots of compression straps
  • Ideal for long distances
  • The backpack is comfortable and sturdy
  • Has other straps to help you carry it differently


  • The electronics compartment does not look as fancy as that of Osprey Porter
  • No organizational panel


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Verdict: Osprey porter vs. Farpoint

Are you looking for more space from a backpack or are focused more on the level of comfort it provides? You need to assess such aspects as you compare different backpacks. After comparing Osprey porter vs. Farpoint, we found that each bag had its strengths and weak points. Osprey porter seems to offer more space, but it is not as comfortable as Osprey Farpoint. Let your needs guide you into getting the right backpack.


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