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Osprey Farpoint 55 review

by Stacy
Osprey Farpoint 55 review


Enjoy convenience and comfort by choosing a versatile travel bag. Osprey Farpoint 55 makes it easy for you to carry your luggage. Go through this review and see why we think it is better than other models.

If you are in search of a light and comfortable backpack, Osprey Farpoint 55 was made with you in mind. The reason why this backpack is quite popular in the US is its comfort and flexibility. It comes with the numerous features you need and even has some extras that make it versatile. You can use it for both long and short trips.

What to expect from Osprey Farpoint 5

Have you ever experienced sore shoulders from carrying a backpack? This only happens when you choose inferior quality brands that are not designed well. Osprey Farpoint 55 is not one of the bags that leave such effects. Most people reveal that this is quite comfortable to carry around. It is also light, making it ideal for backpacking.

Though the walls of the backpack do not stand upright when the bag is not loaded, it works as expected. Osprey Farpoint 55 also comes in a variety of sizes, thus giving you more flexibility. You can choose the small, medium, or large size depending on your height and body structure. The manufacturer offers the backpack in different colors. Even though this brand is not as stylish as some of them, dark colors look better and give you easy maintenance. You should also expect this backpack to last for long.

Key features

  • Two-in-one bag

Choosing this backpack allows you to get more space since it is a combination of the main bag and a daypack. Feel free to zip these two together or use them separately, depending on your stuff. If you are bringing along some sensitive items during your trip, you can carry the daypack using a handle separately. The two-in-one system enables you to keep the valuable things close while you store the main backpack in the cargo hold. You can also clip the small bag to the front part of your main bag if you are carrying things such as crucial documents.

  • Front-loading

The problem with some of the travel bags is that they make it hard to access items. You may spend time trying to dig around the things at the bottom. Save yourself from such frustration by choosing Osprey Farpoint 55, which is front loading. You only need to lay it down on the ground then zip it open. The backpack opens like a suitcase so that you can access everything you need in seconds. Even when open, the backpack does not occupy a lot of space. If you like staying organized while traveling, then this backpack is a must-have. You have to be smart with parking for you to enjoy using it.

  • Suspension system

The reason why this backpack feels so comfortable is because of its efficient suspension system. Even when you are traveling for long, you should not experience back pain while using this bag. It comes with shoulder straps that are padded to avoid straining your shoulders. The back part is also padded, thus offering your lumbar support and extra comfort.

Apart from that, Osprey Farpoint 55 comes with a padded belt that is not available in most of the travel backpacks. This ensures that most of the load is not on your shoulders but instead goes to your hips. If you don’t want the straps to get caught up as you board a bus, you can zip them away behind the flap.

  • Carry handles

Unlike most of the travel backpacks, Osprey Farpoint 55 also features some carry handles which come with an extra pad. One carry handle is found on the top of the backpack while the other one is on the size. Though some people don’t use this feature, it can come in handy during unloading and loading your bag. The carry handles also give you one more option of carrying your bag. You don’t have to place it on your back but can swing it on your hand. Since they are padded, you get a firm grip and can carry your bag comfortably.

  • Zippers and fabric

Some of the backpacks in the market tend to use zippers that get stuck after a short period. You want to ensure that you get a bag that comes with quality zippers. Osprey makes use of heavy-duty zippers while designing this backpack. They not only last longer but also protect your items from theft. The zippers come with a ring that makes them lockable. This bag is also made from heavy-duty nylon fabric. It can, therefore, withstand abuse for long, making it perfect for camping or hiking.

  • Compartments

You also get different compartments to store certain items. For instance, Osprey Farpoint 55 provides a laptop compartment that you can use for your portable devices. This is padded to give your fragile items extra protection. The backpack also offers other compartments that come in different sizes. For instance, you can store some of the loose items in the mesh compartment.

The inner part of the backpack also contains some compression straps that hold items tightly so that everything remains as you packed it by the end of the journey. Most people, however, complain about the lack of pockets on the outer part of the bag.


  • The backpack comes with an extra daypack
  • It is functional
  • Made from durable material
  • Most people like the friendly price tag


  • Though you get a water bottle pouch, it is small
  • The zipper rings are a bit small, so you have to use a smaller padlock


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Final word

If you are organizing a trip by air, you should consider getting this travel bag as opposed to a suitcase. Since airlines consider the size and weight of your luggage, you can easily mold Osprey Farpoint 55 backpack to fit the limits. It is an excellent option for frequent travelers since it is well equipped. Let Osprey Farpoint 55 be your backpack of choice.


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