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Osprey Farpoint 40 vs. Tortuga

by Stacy
Osprey Farpoint 40 vs. Tortuga

The competition to provide the best backpacks has led to the introduction of different brands. If you travel a lot, then you must have come across Osprey and Tortuga bags. Go through this comparison review to find out how Osprey Farpoint 40 differs from Tortuga.

Tortuga and Osprey Farpoint 40 share more similarities than differences. Both are carry-on backpacks that are meant for travel. You should have some factors in mind for you to choose the most suitable bag between the two. As you compare the bags, look at their specific weight, dimensions, and electronics compatibility. Luckily, our review has got you covered. Read on!

Osprey Farpoint 40
21 x 14 x 9
22 x 14 x 9
3.2 lbs
3.9 lbs
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Osprey Farpoint 40 review

Traveling light gives you the best experience and prevents your body from fatigue. Osprey Farpoint 40 is an ideal bag for this purpose. The bag is designed using 210D ripstop nylon. Most people find this material better for backpacks since it makes it durable and water-resistant.

Key features

The backpack comes with a dedicated sleeve for a laptop or tablet. Feel free to fit in a medium-sized laptop in this bag. The problem with the dedicated sleeve of this backpack is its position. It is located within the main compartment of the bag. This implies that you have to keep on removing most of your clothes for you to access your electronics. Most people find this annoying and inconveniencing since it takes up more space than you could have used to pack additional gear.

Osprey Farpoint 40 is front-loading, making it an ideal bag for travel. You can easily take out a single item from your bag, even if it is at the bottom. You also get padded carry handle at both the top and side. These handles come in handy when loading and offloading your bag.

What makes Osprey Farpoint 40 different from Tortuga is the inclusion of a removable shoulder strap. This is an ideal feature if you don’t like carrying the bag on your back. It makes the bag more comfortable to carry if you are not walking for long. As you use the padded shoulder strap, do not forget to utilize the hideaway harness available on your bag.

The bag also comes with internal compression straps, which can prevent your clothes from creasing a lot. They make sure that your items don’t move a lot in the bag as you travel. It is an excellent feature for a traveler who prefers not bringing along too much stuff. At the front of the bag, are stretch mesh pockets that you can use to hold some of your items.


  • It is equipped with numerous features
  • Well-designed
  • It is budget-friendly


  • Lack of proper ventilation


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Tortuga review

If you want a backpack that offers a large capacity, then Tortuga could be an ideal bag. The manufacturer of this model makes use of 900D heathered polyester in its manufacturing.

Key features

One of the similarities between Osprey Farpoint 40 and this bag is the availability of dedicated sleeves for electronics. The placement of this compartment, however, makes them a bit different. Unlike Osprey, this comes with a separate compartment for your electronics. It, therefore, helps you access your laptop with ease without having to remove everything else.

Tortuga also comes with lockable zippers for extra security. You get an internal mesh pocket to help you organize your items well. The manufacturer of this bag ensures you find it comfortable. That is why most of the features, such as the hip belt, back panel, and shoulder straps, are padded. It comes with some compression straps that you can adjust to make it easy to carry.

Unlike Osprey Farpoint 40, this model comes with a zippered pocket at the front part. It is a useful feature for holding some of your small items such as pens and a notebook. You also get numerous separate compartments by choosing this backpack. The front compartment has an organizer panel to help you separate items and pack easily.

On the hip belt, you also get extra pockets to place some of the items that you need to access fast. These pockets prevent you from strapping the entire bag for things like your phone or wallet. At the side of the bag is a water bottle pocket that you should never overlook. As you travel, staying hydrated is crucial, and this feature gives you room to bring along your water bottle. It is also placed in a proper position so that you don’t risk messing the rest of your items with liquids.

A good carry-on backpack should have a hideaway harness, and Tortuga is no exception. This design feature can help you zip away some of the extra features that you don’t regularly use. If, for instance, you are boarding a bus, you may need to zip away the hip belt and extra straps to prevent them from dragging on the ground. The hideaway harness added to Tortuga helps with this.


  • It is well padded and ventilated
  • Has extra pockets
  • Offers different carry handles


  • It is expensive


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Verdict: Osprey Farpoint 40 vs. Tortuga

Choosing a backpack for traveling is a personal decision. Everyone considers different things while looking for the best one. That is why people have different views regarding various brands in the market. Osprey Farpoint 40 and Tortuga continue to be most people’s favorites.

Though both of them are high-quality backpacks, we think that Tortuga is a better brand due to its extra features. You not only enjoy more space but also get additional pockets on the hip belt and front. Its organization panel makes packing a breeze while its comfort level impresses many. If you are, however, on a budget, Osprey Farpoint can still give you excellent service and help you save some funds. Choose the one that consists of all the right features you need and travel like a pro!


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