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Most comfortable travel shoes

by Stacy
Most comfortable travel shoes

What are the most comfortable shoes for travel? Well, the answer to this question depends on a few factors. For instance, the shoes you will wear to the beach are not the shoes you go hiking with. In this guide, we are going to give our best recommendations of shoes, for both women and men.

Deciding what shoes to carry can be stressful sometimes because shoes are bulky and take up a lot of room in your bag. The shoes you carry must be both stylish and comfortable. Shoes should also be chosen depending on the conditions of the destination visit. For example, if you’re going to a snowy area, carry snow-friendly shoes. Fortunately, there are many brands that offer a variety of shoes at different prices. From Puma to Ecco Sandals, you can get the best deals for travel shoes.

The following shoes have been tried and tested by travelers worldwide as the best travel shoes you can travel with. These shoes are versatile enough to be worn in more than one occasion.


Ecco Damara 2 Strap Sandal

The Ecco Damara sandal is one of the best walking shoes for women, especially in hot weather. It is also one of the bestselling travel shoes for women. These sandals have been voted to be by far the most comfortable walking sandals in the market today. Made from the lightest of materials, these sandals are so light and quite easy to put on and remove. The straps are made from light denim material that give these shoes a casual look that goes well with any outfit.

The denim material used to make the straps of these shoes are water resistant. This means that you can dip your toes in a warm pool with them on. You need not worry about them getting wet because they dry quickly. They come in a signature black and white color that goes well with any color. These sandals are sold in all adult sizes.

Naot Gladiator Sandals

As the name suggests, Naot sandals heavily resemble the old sandals Greek gladiators used to wear back in the day. This gorgeous sandal is cute and female travelers all over the world love it. It is easy to wear and remove and goes perfectly with almost anything including jeans and rompers. Made from thick rubber, this sandal is very comfortable to walk in.

Because of their durable nature (due to the thick rubber used to make it), these shoes are as versatile as travel shoes can be. They are practical for everyday wear, for errands and for wearing in the house. Their thick sole grip the ground proper meaning you can walk with them just about anywhere.

Aeresoles Conchlusion Sandals

Aerosoles have been a fan favorite for many years. Girl travelers all over the world love them. They are open flats that are perfect for walking. They are comfortable just as they are pretty and this makes them stand out. With strong leather straps, these sandals are easy to slide in and remove.

Aerosoles are also known for their outstanding design that make them stylish. You can incorporate almost anything when wearing them, from light jeans to sundresses. You need not worry about sore feet with them. This is the best choice for hot summer days where all you want is to sightsee. It also has an adjustable strap that makes it a secure fit. It’s available in all classic and neutral colors. We recommend that you travel with these shoes for their comfort and versatility.

Sketchers Go Walk Sneakers

Unlike the previous shoes, the Sketchers Go Walk Sneakers are closed shoes. They have been a favorite shoe among traveling girls offering lots of comfort. Furthermore, they are pretty and durable. These shoes allow the traveler to incorporate almost anything into their travel wardrobe as they match with everything. They are mainly walking shoes but can be used for runs and morning jogs. People with a medical condition known as Plantar Fasciitis also vouch for these amazing sneakers. These Sketchers sneakers offer high arc support which is comfortable for women with this condition.

Sketchers are lightweight which means they will not make your travel bag unnecessarily heavy. This also means they feel amazing against your feet. The breathable mesh design of the shoe’s body offer nice aeration for your feet – you can walk for long distances in them. As a bonus, they are quite affordable. S

Superga Cotu Lace Up Sneakers

For a long time, Superga sneakers have topped online travelers’ list as the most comfy walking sneakers. Unlike the sneakers above, the Superga sneakers have laces. This shoe resembles Vans and Converse shoes. They are however much more comfortable and stylish.

These shows are an excellent choice to carry for a travel adventure. Their thick soles make them the perfect shoes for forest trails and hiking. The Superga sneakers are however not recommended for women with arch support issues or any other foot issues. On top of this, they match will everything from jeans to sundresses. We highly recommend you lace up with the Superga sneakers for the next trip.

Keen Elsa Walking Sneakers

The Keen Elsa sneakers have are a fan favorite for traveling women. Previously, Keen Elsa was known to many for their traditional outdoor sandals. They recently started making sneakers and this was one of the first pairs to be released to the public. These sneakers stood out mainly because of their stylishness. With a classic black and white look, they go well with almost everything casual. They also come in light green and pure white options.

As for comfort, the Elsa sneakers are top tier. They present the traveler with comfort coupled with a modern stylish look. They are an excellent choice for daytime sightseeing, jogging and running.

Sketchers Microburst Walking Sneakers

Sketchers are at it again. The Sketchers Microburst are amazing walking shoes. Like the previous Sketchers, these ones also do not have laces. Because of their ergonomic design, you can walk up to ten miles in them without feeling sore in the feet. Some users have even reported that they feel like walking on clouds. Also, they look fantastic with everything – leggings, jeans and even dresses.

These flat sneakers come in variety of color options including black, their standard option – white, brown and other neutral colors. They are easy to wear (slide-ins) and remove, and are also quite easy to wash and quick to dry. Their breathable mesh design ensures that the feet are well aerated.

Avarca Pons Sandals

These shoes were once voted the most comfortable shoes ever, and this was no exaggeration. On top of being extremely comfortable, these sandals are gorgeous.

The Avarca Pons sandals were created to be great walking shoes. They are perfect for strolling through new cities, park walks, and just about anywhere else. Their unique design makes them stylish and cute enough to match with anything casual from jeans to leggings and dresses. Crafted in Spain by local artisan means they are made from biodegradable material and fibers. They have thick but light soles and high quality straps that never snap.

The Pons sandals come in all neutral colors. But we recommend the taupe and tan options that go well with anything. You’ll definitely not be disappointed by these shoes.

Clarks Azella Espadrille

Espadrille are amazing when they come as a closed shoe option. With these espadrille Clarks you can never go wrong. They are the perfect choice for summer vacations. You can use them for beach walks and pair them with almost anything – jeans, sundresses and even leggings. Their thick soles make them comfortable to walk in. They are also quick to dry and easy to wash. These shoes can be found on online stores such as Amazon at an affordable price of $50. We recommend that you add them to your next summer vacation.



Merrell Sneakers

Merrell is an old shoe making company for men’s shoes. For a long time, they have been making travel shoes and doing a great job at it. The Merrell sneaker is the perfect choice for hikers worldwide. It is made from tough rubber that helps it withstand the extreme conditions of mountain hikes, safaris and forest adventures. It is also air-cushioned to make it more comfortable. This feature is what also makes this shoe so good for runs and morning jogs.

The body of the Merrell sneaker is made of breathable mesh material. This means that your feet will be well ventilated. It is one of the most durable shoes in the market due to its tough rubber and elastic materials used to make it. The shoe costs about $120.

Allbirds Tree Runners

Known to be one of the most gorgeous travel shoes for men, the Tree Runners are the perfect sneaker for both city vacations and nature travels. The sole is made of thick rubber with air suspension which make them ideal for running. The body is made from eucalyptus tree fiber. The reason for this is because eucalyptus trees are breathable in nature. This provides your feet with a constant supply of cool air.

Whether you’re going for a tour in the city of climbing huge mountain rocks, this shoe has your back, or feet. At only $95, you can add this amazing shoe to your travel wardrobe.

Olukai Sandals

Olukai sandals are strong sandals made from thick leather. They are of Hawaiian heritage. These sandals are perfect for a beach walk because of their thick soles. Sand rarely gets into the sandal. Its smooth straps also make sure that sliding in and out of the sandal is fast and easy. Some parts of these sandals such as the straps are hand-woven which makes their design unique and stylish. You can get these sandals at $110.

Zappos Espadrille

The Espadrille shoe originated in the 14th century in the Pyrenees. The design since then has not changed much. The shoe however has managed to hold its popularity over the years. With no laces, they are the perfect slide-ons. Espadrille shoes are specially made for the beach or boat travels – they even look like rafts. Because of this, they have been built with light material that dries quickly. The shoes can be found in the Zappos online store at only $96.

Zappos Classic Kicks

The Zappos classic Kicks were first released in the early 2000s as a homage to its old predecessor the Mexico 66. It is a comfortable kick with a thin sole ideal for walking or jogging. Its flat nature makes it the perfect choice for travel as you can wear it in a variety of places. You can wear them to hikes as well as daytime sightseeing. It comes in black and white color options. It goes without saying that they can be worn with anything casual such as denim pants, cargo pants and khakis. They are available on the Zappos online store for $85.

Johnston & Murphy classic leather shoes

The Johnston & Murphy Company has been making shoes for American presidents since the mid-1800s. From President Kennedy to Obama, all presidents have been wearing Johnston & Murphy shoes. This would only mean that they make the most classy and most comfortable leather shoes in the market today. The shoes offer a great amount of versatility as they are perfect for business meetings, dinner dates as well as providing a casual look.

Since they have no laces, they are easy to wear, provide a breathable lining that keeps your feet cool at all times. The foam cushion inside makes it extremely comfortable. They are the perfect travel shoes for the traveling businessman. We recommend that you add them to your next business travel. You can get this shoe for $159 at zappos.com


It is important to carry comfortable shoes when traveling because you may be doing lots of walking during your trip. You should also look good while at it. Finding shoes that fit both criteria can be tricky. We hope that this guide will ease up this process.


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