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Golf Vacation for Single Seniors

by Stacy
Golf Vacation for Single Seniors

Long term or Short term Golf vacations for single seniors don’t have to be boring, there is one thing that many seniors between the age of 50 and 70 need to understand, the number of friends willing to spend money on Golf trips will reduce by a big margin and you might find yourself alone in the golf course.

Unless of course your family members or grandchildren play Golf, getting time off work will also hinder the possibilities of having company. What is interesting though is that if you offer to pay air tickets for one of your friend golfers, they will move heaven and earth for the tee time.

So where can you enjoy your golf vacation, lets sample some of the best destinations?

Coeur d’ Alene

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So you want to take a short weekend vacation playing golf, Coeur d’ Alene (CDA) is your spot. Most single seniors tend to have a good amount of disposable income that they don’t mind pampering themselves with occasionally. While in the resort you will be treated to a scenic view of the gorgeous Coeur d’ Alene Lake as you tee off.

To get to the manicured fairways, you will enjoy a boat ride across the CDA waters, but be careful not to extend your vacation because nothing has been left to imagination, from the luxury carts to the hole design. Every cup has been positioned to give you the lake experience even as you play.

With adrenaline drained in the greens you might want to engage yourself in the raft tours or kayaking at the CDA Lake, cruises are also available to make your stay memorable and while at it you will enjoy the view of some of the lakeside homes complemented with a gourmet dinner.

Accommodations are available outside the resort which comprises of private bungalows for singles but can also accommodate up to three visitors, also provided are the waterfront condos, which means you are spoilt for choice. Even more interesting is the fact that pets are allowed and they also have provisions for wheelchairs; smoking is also not restricted.



Monterey is famous for its seafood restaurants, and the underwater aquariums displaying a variety of sea plants and animals. It also boasts of 20 “World-Class” golf courses, some of which are the Poppy Hills Golf course, the Spyglass Golf course, the Pacific Grove Golf links, the Club at Pasadera and the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch among others.

For those who want to go old school, they can visit the Del Monte golf course that features 18 cups, having been around since 1987, you will be able to get a feel of how the forefathers played golf in the small sloping greens.

As your day gets older you might want to have a little adventure whale watching and catch some of the Monterey’s blue whales and humpback in-camera as they voyage on the pacific coast.


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Desert city Scottsdale is also a good destination for single senior golfers, the 36 holes stadium golf course is worth booking your tee time in advance. Enhancing your tour experience is the McDowell Mountains and the posh amenities upscaled to every player’s satisfaction.

One of the most renowned golf clubs in Scottsdale is the Troon North Golf club; the fairway has been perfectly groomed for a favorable experience, and what’s more is that the course has been renovated and now features two new layouts. So for your classic desert experience, you are presented with an 18 hole golf course complete with a desert landscape to make your stay and golf vacation memorable.

To cap off your Golf vacation, single seniors can enjoy a helicopter ride across the Sonoran desert hills, accommodation is provided and you can get a one-bedroom condo but with and extra accommodation of three people. And if you decide to tag along with your friends, important additions such as wheelchair accommodation, smoking, and pets have been catered to.


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Believed to be the capitol of golf in America, Pinehurst is a host to about 38 golf courses for the single seniors to test out their skills. Pinehurst, in general, plays a good host for retirees and for the single seniors interested in a nice cozy environment for a Golf vacation, away from the busy city life then the Pinehurst community will be glad to host you.

With the wide number of golf courses, you will get to choose from the challenging inverted saucer courses to the championship calibers and after a day at the course; you are bound to be drained and can thus indulge in some of its culinary tours, which lets you sample their best foods.

The tours have been divided into two packages the Classic Pinehurst and the Sweet and Savory Brunch, the latter comes at an affordable price of $40. Since your friends have decided to let you go on a golf vacation alone, you might as well make the experience memorable by visiting the village wine shop that hosts wine from different countries around the Globe.

And if you are lucky enough you might catch the wine tasting event, or enjoy a bottle of beer at the Theater.

Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach has over a hundred golf courses and single seniors get the chance to choose from beach homes, condos and hotels for their accommodation. Single senior golfers can therefore, travel for their golf vacations in line with the treasured festivals such as the Blue Crab Festival, to obliterate any chance of getting bored.

The classic golf club will be perfect for single seniors to brush up their skills before engaging their tee time. Later on, you can learn as you have fun in the upside-down house at the “wonderworks.” An interesting trip under the sea also awaits you at the “Ripleys Aquarium,” the amount of fun that you can have in Myrtle Beach has no measure, and the possibility for extending your vacation is very real.

Golfing will most definitely get your energy drained and to boost your energy levels you can swing by the seafood capital, but if you are not interested in the latter, how about you indulge a mouthwatering steak at one of the local steak houses.

For singles seniors who don’t have a phobia for heights, the sky wheel awaits you and you can capture the city’s skyline. But for those who cannot handle heights, they have been catered for by the Land Shark Bar and Grill. And how best can you reminisce your golf trip other than by engaging in some retail therapy, as the beach hosts a coastal grand mall and markets.

A 1 bedroom condo is available for single seniors with an extra accommodation of four individuals that is if your friends get blown by the existing fun and decide to join you, as you wind up your golf vacation.

St George

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In the whole of Utah St George has been determined to offer a fulfilling golf experience, as the place is rid of 13 courses, and the weather is also favorable. Single seniors will be exposed to some of the finest course designs. The Red Rock Golf Trail gives players an opportunity to book their accommodation with the tee times thus a convenient package for the single seniors.

Other Golf clubs that are bound to put your skills to test, but also offer a good experience at the same time is the Sunbrook; the course will treat you to an attractive waterfall sight, lakes and the Santa Clara River. What’s more is that it features a new nine Blackrock, while stretching out at 3,145 yards par 36, there is also the municipal golf course at the backdrop of the pine valley mountain.

The course’s location is breathtaking as it features stunning gorges, attractive wetlands, and narrow ravines. And as you wind up your stay in St George, it would be good to sample some of the attractive sites like the Zion National park via the multi-passenger shuttle. Single seniors can also enjoy the Zion-Mt Carmel scenic drive.

For your food needs, St George boasts of a myriad of restaurants that offer affordable eats, such as the Hawaiian Poke Bowl, the Sakura Japanese Steak House, and Sushi and the Mexican Grill among others, you only need to choose your favorite.

Accommodation in St George for single seniors will be in apartments in which they will incur an extra cost because most of the houses come with 2 bedrooms or more, and can accommodate many occupants. Smoking in the vacation rentals is not allowed but individuals can bring their pets and they also have provisions for the use of wheelchairs.

Branson MO

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Branson is a golf destination for many, not only the single seniors and here you will find beautiful but challenging courses. Some of the Golf Courses are the Pointe Royale, the Don Gardner Golf course, the Branson Hills Golf Club and the Thousand Hills among others.

For singles seniors who will be interested in playing at Pointe Royale, they will be exposed to lush bent-grass greens, sand bunkers, and Bermuda fairways. New renovations have seen an increase in the number of holes to 18, 12 of which come with water hazards. The challenge to golfers is enhanced by the rolling fairways that have been lined with large trees.

Thousand Hills, on the other hand, boast of a four-star rating and got voted as the Best of the Ozarks. The course features rock formations, streams, and forests and to avoid boredom, in close proximity are dinners, theaters, and shopping centers.

Palm Springs

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Palm Springs is a host of over 35 Golf courses, which give different experiences to golfers; one of them is the Cimarron Golf Resort. Playing golf in this resort will have you enjoy a wild desert look, and you also get to choose between two golf courses both of which feature 18holes.

To book your tee times the resort has provided golfers with a toll-free number, which is very thought full for single seniors who want to enjoy a short golf vacation. Another golf club is the beautiful Classic Club, it features a rolling terrain and elevated trees exhibiting a core design through the pepperwood trees, pine and olive.

Golfers also get to experience the Golf Concierge; Palm Springs is a host of stylish hotels, chic boutiques for singles seniors who may want to get souvenirs. Entertainment venues also come in plenty, so you are not likely to get bored spending the day in the city before or after sweating it out in the golf course.

The Desert Willow Golf Resort is another perfect destination for single seniors who want to go on a golf vacation, the resort boast of two courses, which will for sure put the experienced golfer’s skills to the test. Tee times in the course will have you contend with a number of water features, among other natural areas and as you tee it off remember to appreciate the beauty of the desert willow view.

Rain is not a characteristic of Palm Springs, so you don’t have to worry about failing to play your favorite sport. Single seniors who are reserved can have their meals at the service restaurants, which is located at the desert style clubhouse and this goes for those who are hosted at the Cimarron Golf resort.

Other eateries are available and range from local favorites to high-end food joints. If you don’t wish to come out of your vacation apartment, you can simply dial a delivery from one of the steak houses or order some seafood from the Pacifica Seafood Restaurant. And to reward your body for the hard work, you could treat yourself to a lip-smacking lunch at the Cork Tree Restaurant.

Single seniors can also enjoy their breakfasts from an assortment of breakfast restaurants such as the Wilma and Frieda’s Palm Desert. Other fun spots are the juice bars, and the tourist attraction sites.


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