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Cabeau evolution pillow review

by Stacy
Cabeau evolution pillow review


Sleeping next to strangers on public transport can be uncomfortable. The right travel pillow can make a significant difference in your comfort level. Buy Cabeau evolution pillow today and enjoy your night.

The travel pillow market keeps on expanding with the introduction of different types of pillows. Choosing an ideal one can, therefore, be challenging. Cabeau evolution, however, stands out from the rest of the models due to its unique design and space efficiency. It is best for airplanes, buses, cars, and trains. Frequent commuters should consider investing in this affordable travel pillow since it has all the right features to give your neck sufficient support as you sleep. Its size makes it suitable for short individuals.

What should you expect from it?

As soon as you buy the Cabeau evolution pillow, you will enjoy how soft it feels on your neck. It is made from durable materials that make it comfortable to use while traveling. Sleep artisans craft this travel pillow carefully to boost your experience. Just by looking at it, you will like the way the stitching is done. You don’t have to worry about piling or ripping quickly.

You can also purchase it from a variety of different colors, such as dark blue or black. The dark one is the best since it prevents the appearance of dirt on your pillow in case you forgot to wash it beforehand. Your package includes a carry case that enhances portability. The manufacturer also provides earplugs in the package. You will also like the weight of this travel pillow since it feels light. Unlike travel pillows that lose their shape within a short period, the memory foam of Cabeau evolution pillow remains intact for long.

The memory foam also gives you the freedom to adjust your head and neck position from time to time. You should expect to pay higher for Cabeau evolution since it is of greater quality than most of the cheap brands.

Key Features

  • Innovative design

While most of the travel pillows come with standard designs, Cabeau evolution pillow is unique since it features an elevated neck. This ensures that the pillow matches your neck’s shape to boost comfort. The problem with some of the models is that they work fine during the first few hours then start compressing due to reduced neck support. Cabeau evolution pillow ensures that this does not happen even if you travel the entire night. Using this travel pillow prevents you from waking up with an aching neck as the head moves sideways.

Adjustable pull tie

As you sleep on the journey, you can prevent your neck from wobbling around with the help of the Cabeau evolution pillow. It comes with a pull tie that you can adjust to secure your neck appropriately. Due to the inclusion of the adjustable string, you get the chance to pull the travel pillow as tight as you want. It is, therefore, ideal for individuals who like a constricted fit.

  • Compact storage

When traveling, most people try to reduce the number of items they have to bring along, especially when using public transportation. You need a travel pillow that is compact and easy to store, and the Cabeau evolution pillow does not disappoint. When you deflate it, the pillow can transform into the size of a bottle. This enables you to store it in a bag without it taking up too much space. You can always inflate it at night when ready to sleep and put it away later.

  • Media pocket

Cabeau evolution pillow is a one of a kind travel pillow due to such features. Unlike most of the travel pillows, this comes with a media pocket. You can use it to store some of your small items such as your phone. It keeps your hands free when using it during sleep hours.

  • Chin and head support

Scientists reveal that this is one of the top-quality travel pillows that give you ample chin and head support. The manufacturer designs it such that it can cushion those vital points in your head. This prevents you from experiencing any form of pain from sleeping for extended hours through the night. Cabeau evolution pillow also comes with memory foam that enhances neck support. You can, therefore, sleep in any position you like or choose any seat on a bus without disturbing the person next to you. It also features front clasps that give you 360-degree comfort.

  • Washable cover

Apart from the soft material used to make this travel pillow, you can remove the outer cover and wash it after your trip. It cleans easily and does not stain since the velour is soft and rich. This material is also known to withstand wear compared to travel pillows that come with spandex and polyester covers. The problem with the velour cover is that it holds on to body heat fast. It can, therefore, make you feel hot while sleeping, causing discomfort. If you sweat a lot on your sleep, the outer cover of the Cabeau evolution pillow may not feel very comfortable.


  • It is durable
  • You get an additional slot for your phone
  • It supports the neck well
  • The travel pillow is easily accessible from online sources and most airports
  • Includes high-quality memory foam


  • It comes in only one size, thus does not accommodate different neck lengths
  • Cabeau evolution pillow does not have a flat lay back


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Final word

Even though you can use the seat or arms to support your neck while sleeping on a bus, a long journey can make you quite exhausted. Getting the right travel pillow can prevent you from such fatigue and prevent your neck from paining. One of the unique models available in the market is the Cabeau evolution pillow. It comes in an ergonomic design, offers 360 degrees neck support, and has a compact size. You can fold it for secure storage and wash the cover from time to time. Most people agree that it is an excellent travel pillow for flights and trips.


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