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Best women’s travel clothes

by Stacy
Best women's travel clothes

It’s difficult for women to pack light when traveling. You have to balance between packing light and looking cute at the same time. If you’re traveling through plane, there is also a weight limit that limits the amount of clothes you can carry – you have to be creative and pack light without under packing. This is why it’s important to pack lots of mix and matching clothes. There are also many perks of packing light. By doing so, you reduce the risk of losing your luggage in transit and waiting around for your luggage as it goes through checks.

The best way to pack light is by selecting a versatile mix of clothes. What we mean by this is, carry clothes that can serve more than one purpose. Carry a dress that you can wear to the park, in a night out and at a walk in the beach instead of carrying an individual dress for each occasion.

This guide will show you the most versatile girl and women clothes you should travel with to ensure light packing. Here’s a list of the best women’s travel clothes today.

Pants and Shorts

Prana Mantra Pants

Mantra pants are loose free flowing pants that offer a lot of versatility. You can wear them at the beach and stay in them the rest of day as you run errands. That’s how diverse they can be. Prana is one of the brands that makes mantra pants but they also make other amazing travel clothes for the ladies. Prana pants are made from hemp – a strain of the cannabis sativa marijuana plant – and recycled polyester. They are amazing because they offer protection against over 50 UPF.

Although Mantra Pants can be worn anywhere, they are made for the beach. Mantra pant come in handy if you’re too conserved show some skin at the beach. Their light material makes them perfect to walk around in.

If you’re traveling to the beach, do yourself a favor and carry some mantra pants. You will not regret it one bit.

Alala Leggings

If you’re ever in doubt whether or not to carry leggings, we highly recommend that you do. And not just any leggings but the Alala leggings. Alala produces some high quality leggings and tops for women. The leggings are comfortable and stylish, and this is all you want when packing for a trip. Also, they can be worn to a variety of occasions. Say you plan on doing some yoga when you get to your destination, Alana leggings have your back. If you plan on having breakfast with some friends after the yoga session, you can still be in your leggings and not feel inappropriately dressed. On top of leggings, Alala also makes some amazing tops for women ranging from light tops to hoodies.

Prana Halle Pants

Prana is at it again with some amazing pants. Halle pants are made from khaki material, only a bit tougher to endure more diverse situations. They are known to be strong and durable and can last years if well cleaned and maintained.

The reason Halle pants stand out a lot is their toughness and presence of many pockets. They are also water-resistant. Haller pants are made mostly for African Safaris and forest adventures. This is why they have so many little convenient pockets. You can carry almost everything you need on safari in them. They are also the ideal pants for hiking and being active. However, due to their khaki design and colors, they offer lots of versatility. You can wear them on a casual day, just get the color right.

Bermuda shorts

This list would not be complete without some shorts. Who doesn’t like the refreshing feeling shorts offer on vacations? Bermuda shorts are the perfect shorts for travel. You can wear them at the beach and take a walk in the park in them. Bermuda shorts are amazing because they can stretch. For dinner or a night out with friends, you can wear a cute long blouse over them with nice little heels on your feet. Put on a t-shirt over them, some hiking boots and you’re good to go hiking in them.

Bermuda shorts are light, durable and easy to wash and this is what makes them perfect for light packing.

Dresses and Skirts

Romwe Dresses

Romwe dresses are perfect for travel and packing light, and this is why. First, they are really cheap. We understand that finances can be tricky during travel and you need to save on unnecessary expenses. This dress will not dent your account. Other than that, Romwe dresses come in lots of cute designs and colors perfect for travel. A Romwe dress is light and can be worn for dinner dates, park walks and even beach walks. Their versatility is what makes them stand out.

Sporty Zip Skirt

The Sporty Zip Skirt is definitely a must have when packing light for travel. It can be worn literally everywhere. Do you want to take a walk on the beach? Or maybe do some shopping in town? This is the perfect skirt for these activities. Throw in some hiking shoes on your feet and you can also hike in these skirts.

Sporty Zip Skirts are light and take quite a short time to dry. It will take up very little room in suitcase. We recommend carrying these versatile skirt next time you travel.

Fair Indigo Dresses

Unlike other brands in this guide, Fair Indigo makes clothes for both women and men. They are known for making the perfect travel clothes. This is because all their clothes are made from light Pima cotton sourced from Peru. This means that when you buy any fair Indigo product, you offer a fair wage to the small scale farmers of Peru.

The fair Indigo dresses hang loose and are light but are really tough and durable. You can wear them to a walk in the park as well as a romantic candle lit dinner date. You’ll definitely want to carry them for your next light travel trip.

Pitusa Cover Ups

Cover ups are like dresses that are more inclines towards beach travel. Since lots of beach establishments do not allow people to wear just a swimsuit, cover ups come in very handy. After swimming in your swim suit, wear a cover up to protect you against sun burns. Pitusa is a company that makes cover ups for women. Being that they employ Indian and Peruvian women to craft them, buying a Pitusa cover up goes a long way to ensure fair wages to them.

Pitusa cover ups are so cute that they double as night out dresses. Just make sure to wear something underneath as they are very light and translucent.


Topo Shirts

When traveling, you need some nice light comfortable tops with you. A tank top here and a shirt there is what we recommend. Always pack solid colored tops so you can match them with anything. Topo is one of the companies that make and sell lovely travel shirts and tank tops. Their whole collection is comfortable and stylish with a very retro look. The shirts are also light, easy to wash and quick to dry. It ticks all the attributes of must have travel clothes.

Watercolor Floral Tie

The Watercolor Floral Tie top is a well-decorated light top that you can wear with anything. They match well with skirts, leggings and even shorts. The reason it’s called a ‘tie’ is because you have to tie a knot at the bottom (right around where the bell button is) or it will hang low and loose.

Its ultralight nature makes it perfect for daytime sightseeing, beach walks, park walks and dinner dates. It dresses up any outfit and is easy to clean after, this makes it the perfect top for travel.

Cap Sleeve Easy T-shirt

T-shirts come in very handy during travel. The Cap Sleeve tee is perfect for you and your travels because of the versatility it offers. You can wear it everywhere, anytime. It can dress up a skirt, leggings and shorts. If worn with shorts, it gives a nice sporty look. Carrying this t-shirt ensure you have something to wear to the movies, kayaking and beach volleyball.

Voyager Shirt

The Voyager shirt is a must pack when travelling. It is a long sleeve shirt that is made of tough durable material. It is perfect in situations where you need to cover your shoulders and arms. This means that it can be worn to an African safari, a jungle trek or a mountain hike. Throw in a pair of jeans and you can also go for a night out in them. We should also mention that this are unisex.

The Voyager Shirt is an excellent choice for any traveler.

Blue Graphic Tees

Blue Graphic are known for making really nice and high quality t-shirts for travel. If you’re not the type that always wears flappy hats and sundresses while on vacation then this tee is perfect for you. The graphic tees come in pretty colors and designs. This shirt would be ideal for if you traveling to a cold mountain region such as the Alps. They can be worn with anything from leggings to jeans. Blue Graphic also have a good environmental cause going. For every tee sold, they clean out one pound of garbage from our oceans. They also make products from organic cotton and recycled polyester material.

Outdoor and Hiking Clothes

Feathered Down Jacket by Friends

We understand the travel isn’t only about the beach. If you’re travelling to a cold place, we bet you’ll need a jacket. Down jackets are ideal for such travel because they are relatively light, well-fitted and are really comfortable. Their most outstanding feature though is their portability and light weight. Jackets are thick and we understand that you need to pack light. All you need is one down jacket for all your cold and outdoor travels, and this may be the best there is.

Hiking Shirt

There’s no doubt that you’ll need a button up shirt during your travels. It is a necessity especially when going to safari, forest trails and mountain hiking. A good hiking shirt should be light, breathable and tough. You don’t want insects biting down on you.

Ensure that you have at least one hiking shirt when you travel. We promise it will come in handy at one point.

Patagonia vest

The Patagonia vest is a vest you should always carry when travelling to a cold place. Patagonia is a brand that makes one of the best (if not the best) vests for travel. Although they can be a bit expensive, every dollar you spend on it will be worth it because these vests last many years. The vest can be worn over a shirt and dress up anything from jeans to leggings.

We recommend you carry at least one Patagonia vest as you never know how the weather is going to be.


A sarong is a type of scarf – only huger – that can used for a variety of reasons. In Middle East, you can use it as a head scarf when entering a temple. You can also use it as a skirt by tying it around the waist. It can also act as a towel. Basically, it can be used for anything, you just have to creative about it. When hiking, you can use it to cover your head. A sarong is made from light material and is an excellent piece of cloth to carry when travelling anywhere in the world.


Packing can be a stressful experience especially for women. It’s worse if you’ve never visited a place before and everything seems like a good choice to carry. But this shouldn’t be the case. You should be able to carry the clothes that you want without having to overthink every choice. Packing should be a quick and enjoyable process. We hope this guide will make packing for your travels as easy as it should be.


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