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Best Travel Suitcases

by Stacy
Best Travel Suitcases

Almost every single person from around the world enjoys traveling. Whether it’s the act of joining a road trip, catching flights, escaping for a weekend getaway, or cruising around different cities, traveling brings about a giddy fun feeling that so many of us enjoy. However, packing and sorting out your luggage has never really been a fun task.

Taking some time off and getting away has always been considered an exciting and fun activity. Never the less, picking out your items and packing is not as fun. Sometimes selecting what you should carry and what you should leave behind can be such an overwhelming task. Other times, the suitcase that you use could be the problem.

A number of tourists have admitted that the suitcase they carry around has embarrassed them once or twice at the airport, the bus and the train station. So many individuals have publicly cursed out at their suitcase when running through airports or maneuvering through crowds as they try to quickly hop onto their mode of transport.

When traveling, your suitcase is constantly exposed to a number of different factors that could affect the durability and condition of your bag. There are so many different things that could go wrong with your luggage. Sometimes a wheel could snap right off your suitcase or a zipper could break causing all your luggage and souvenirs to be spilled all over the floor.

Taking some time to invest in an ideal suitcase for your trips can really help eliminate or reduce the risk of having your luggage damaged by different factors. Today’s market is saturated with a number of different bags and suitcases. Tourists and other experts have confessed to been very confused because of the large number of options that they are faced with. Browsing through the suitcases, comparing different options and finally selecting the most ideal suitcase has proven to be a difficult job.

In this article, we have taken some time to research and select the most ideal suitcases in the market today. We have also focused on the key features of the suitcases as well as the advantages so that you can be well aware of what to expect when using this suitcase. We have also gone through a number of factors that you should consider when finally purchasing your suitcase. If you have finally made the decision to buy a new suitcase and you are browsing through different options, this review is great as it will guide you through the vigorous process.

What Factors Should You Look Out for When Purchasing the Best Suitcase for Your Travels?

The Best Weight of your Suitcase

If you travel around frequently and your mode of travel often varies between road trips, flights, cruises, and staycations then it is important to consider the size of your suitcase.

When using an airplane, you should get to know the weight limits for the plane. Ensure that your luggage does not exceed the required weight limit but most importantly make sure you can easily handle the size and weight of your luggage when walking up and down the airport. If you are going on a road trip, ensure that your suitcase can easily fit into the storage compartment of your car. If you are on a cruise, make sure that your suitcase will easily fit into your cabin.

Most tourists prefer to purchase one suitcase that is versatile and can serve well on all occasions instead of having to purchase different suitcases for different travel occasions. You must make sure that your suitcase can safely and securely hold everything that you need without exceeding the weight limit.

The size of your suitcase basically depends on what you will need to carry from home as well as different factors such as, the length of your trip, the destination you are traveling to and the climatic condition of the area as well as your budget.

The Size of Your Luggage

In this section, we must specify that we are speaking about the size of your suitcase and not the weight. Different airlines have different weight and size limits. Tourists are always advised to check out the restrictions on the specific airline that they will be traveling with.

Most of the airlines in the United States have restrictions on the luggage that they carry. The luggage should not exceed 45 inches. This means that the combined size of the suitcase, the height, length and width including the handles and the wheels should add up to 45 inches.

A number of children travel around with bags that add up to 24 inches while adults prefer to travel around with bigger bags varying between 27-29 inches. The suitcases that range between 27-29 inches are quite popular as they provide you with a large surface area to fit in all your clothes, shoes and other accessories, without breaking your back.

The Features of Your Suitcase

After you make a choice on the size of your suitcase, you should also take some time to think about the features that would work best for you as you travel.

You can start by making a choice between the two-wheel suitcase and the four-wheel suitcase. Most two-wheel suitcases are designed into the suitcase. This design prevents the wheels from snapping off. Tourists find it so easy to maneuver through town with the two-wheel suitcase. It rolls easily through corners, curbs and uneven surfaces.

There is the four-wheel suitcase that has a more comfortable design. This suitcase does not place too much stress on your back or on your shoulders. It is so much easier to pass through sharp corners and tight positions in the airport, the trains, inside the lifts and in planes.

Another feature that you should think about is the shell of your suitcase. Those who travel often need to think about the exterior quality of their suitcase and users are given the choice between a hard-shell suitcase and a soft-shell suitcase.

There is so much that goes on with your luggage as it is been bundled into a plane or a bus. You do not need to pay a lot of money to maintain the quality of your suitcase, you must ensure that you have purchased a durable suitcase that can withstand a lot of the pressure and other factors that it faces.

A Waterproof Suitcase

There are a number of times suitcases are kept on the tarmac under the pouring rain before they are loaded onto the plane or the bus. There have been many cases of a leak in the belly of the plane or the trunk of a bus, and these cases have often affected a number of suitcases and the contents inside. Investing in a bag with material safeguards it from the pouring rain and spills from other sources.

The Price of your Suitcase

Just like every other accessory, you will have to create a budget and purchase a suitcase that has its market price within the same range. For a high-quality, durable suitcase, you may have to spend quite a bit of money. However, these days, the quality and durability of even the most expensive suitcases seem to be deteriorating more and more. That is why you need to be very careful when purchasing your suitcase.

Designer bags highlight more on the good look and fashion of the suitcase than the durability and quality of the bag.

For tourists who are not willing to spend as much money, they do not need to worry. There are quite a number of top-quality, durable suitcases that will not cost you too much money.

These suitcases can easily be counted on as they protect your belongings and transport them easily from one point to the next. When browsing through different suitcases and comparing prices, ensure that you have settled for a bag that will give you a lot of value for your money.

Reviewing the Best Travel Suitcases

Comparison Table

Spinner Wheels
Check on Amazon
Travelpro Maxlite 4
5.9 pounds
360 degrees spinner rolls
Delsey Helium Aero
14.25 pounds
Double spinner wheels
Briggs and Riley Baseline
9.05 pounds
Double swivel wheels
Eagle Creek Gear Warrior 110L/34
7 pounds
Two rolling spinner wheels

Travelpro Maxlite 4

The Travelpro industry actually invented the inclusion of rollers on suitcases when the founder of the company Bob Plath expressed that he was tired of maneuvering with his bags through crowded airports.

This bag is very easy to use. It is a lightweight bag weighing only 5.6 pounds. It is very durable and the good news is that it is very affordable.

The Maxlite 4 measures 29 inches. Tourists get to choose between black and blue colors. There is also a smaller 22-inch version of the suitcase that comes in purple. The suitcase is equipped with ball-bearing wheels that are covered with a protective crash guard. The guards are long-lasting allowing you to easily navigate through many rough surfaces.

The suitcase also has an expandable handle. The first stop is at 38-inches and the next stop is at 42.5 inches. This is so convenient allowing you to roll around your luggage at any preferable height. The suitcase also has a number of hidden compartments that adds to the amount of storage space in your bag.

A great advantage of this bag is its warranty that lasts for a lifetime. This means that is your bag gets damaged in any kind of way you are covered.


  • It is a durable bag that is very affordable
  • It is light in weight
  • It can be easily maneuvered from one point to the next


  • It does not contain any interior pocket
  • It only has one exterior pocket


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Delsey Helium Aero

This suitcase is highly rated and is manufactured using polycarbonate that is a lightweight material. The suitcase has a hard-shell exterior stand out with a nice glossy finish. It is also very affordable.

The Delsey Helium Aero is available in four different colors that is the titanium color, the purple, green and black charcoal color. It is equipped with four spinner wheels that can move around in different directions without including any additional weight onto your hands. The grip handle is manufactured with aluminum material that is industrial grade. With just a push of the button, the handle easily slides down.

The suitcases’ interior has two simple compartments. One compartment is equipped with straps to safeguard your clothes and the other compartment has a mesh bag that is perfect for storing your laundry. It is a very safe suitcase as it is locked with a three-dial combination lock that has been approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This lock system helps to keep your clothes, goods, and souvenirs quite safe.


  • It is a lightweight bag
  • It is very durable and not expensive at all
  • It is resistant to dents


  • When it gets dirty it easily reveals all the dirt on the surface
  • It is not easy to read the numbers on the wheel lock


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Briggs and Riley Baseline

The Briggs and Riley suitcase is one of the best luggage bags that you should have with you on your many trips around the world. This suitcase is designed with a shell that adds to the sturdy design of the bag. It is manufactured with 2% rubber, 3%aluminium, and 95% nylon. The additional ballistic nylon component safeguards your luggage keeping it free from moisture and dirt.

The bag is also designed with four double swivel wheels that are very durable and make it so much easier to drag your luggage along any rough surface. The swivel wheels save you from a lot of stress that you would experience on your legs, your back, and your hands. The suitcases’ interior is quite big allowing you to fit in a lot of luggage, which is quite ideal for those going for long trips or those who just need to carry a lot of items for a trip.

The company uses a CX expansion-compression technology system that has been patented. This technology is used to increase the space inside your luggage by 26%. It works by simply pulling a lever. A simple push then returns the suitcase back to its original size.

The Briggs and Riley company is quite efficient as not only does it manufacture high-quality bags, it also quickly fixes the damage on your bag free of charge. It does not matter if your bag was damaged by an airline or a bus company, they will take care of all the damages. This lifetime guarantee attracts so many customers to this product.


  • This suitcase is very easy to use.
  • It comes with a life-long warranty
  • It has a sturdy design making it very durable.


  • It is very heavy
  • It is not cheaply priced


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Eagle Creek Gear Warrior 110L/34

The Eagle Creek Gear warrior has a very sturdy build. It is oversized and light in weight. It has an extremely large capacity ensuring that all of the content that you carry will easily fit. It is designed with ripstop nylon fabric that makes it waterproof and resistant to all kinds of abrasion. To increase the robustness of the bag, it is designed with 1000D Cordura and 210D nylon. This allows it to easily stand firm against harsh weather conditions and tough handling from the consumers. It is a very high-quality durable suitcase.

It also has two treaded wheels that allow you to easily push the bag over any kind of hard surface. It is also designed with a number of handles that offer consumers a number of different options for handling the lightweight suitcase. The lockable zippers ensure that your luggage is safeguarded. There is a telescoping handle that is quite strong and steady. It also prevents you from wobbling up and down.

The suitcase has a number of compartments for packing. The compartments are found both inside the suitcase and outside. The suitcases’ exterior has a tethered zip away strap that holds all your gear like a helmet.

The Eagle Creek industry promises its consumers a lifetime warranty. This means that your bag is assured of repair at all times at absolutely no cost at all.


  • It is light-weight and very spacious
  • It is a durable bag
  • It contains many packing features


  • The buckles are made of plastic which makes them quite flimsy


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Having a nice, reliable and durable suitcase is quite the investment. Tourists need to stop lugging big suitcases that are not durable or protective. The market today is filled with a number of suitcases that tourists can just choose from.

Of all the suitcases we have tested and researched on the Briggs and Riley Baseline is the most suitable option because of its sturdy design, the four swivel wheels and the CX expansion-compression system that increases the total space inside your suitcase.

Whatever your preference, it is advisable to select a high-quality, durable bag. Tourists are also advised to check the airline, train or bus carrier that they will use. This will give you more information on the restrictions that you may face allowing you to prepare yourself well before you start your trip.

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