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Best Travel Stroller System

by Stacy
Best Travel Stroller System

When it comes to moving around and traveling with your baby, whether it is a long road trip or some quick errands in the city, as a caregiver you will realize, convenience is everything. It is at this point where you will realize that a travel stroller system comes in really handy, helping you easily maneuver from one point to the next with your little baby.

As we all know, having a baby can be very expensive. Because of that fact, parents in this generation have been compelled to develop ideas and tactics that can help them save as much money as they possibly can. That is why parents are constantly on the lookout for good and amazing deals in the market and the travel system has proven to be one of the most innovative ideas in the market.

A travel system is a life-size stroller that is designed to stand on its own. The stroller is compatible with an infant car seat as the car seat can easily clip into the stroller. This combination is so useful as you can easily move up and down with your infant child right up to the child’s toddler years.

A number of parents, caregivers, and other individuals have often talked about the hectic task that is trying to pick out the most suitable stroller system in the market. The market today is saturated with a ton of different options from really posh strollers to very simple and cheap strollers. It’s not so easy to tell the difference between each stroller. Besides the difference in price, a lot of these strollers are quite similar.

A travel stroller system is a very innovative piece of equipment. These systems not only serve as strollers but also car seats. It is important to remember that not all strollers are compatible with all car seats. So, if you take the time to purchase a luxurious stroller that could cost you $500, you may still have to invest more money to buy a separate adapter to make it work with your car seat.

Before you step out of the door and rush to purchase your travel system, there are a number of different factors that you must consider. It is important to browse through different options and conduct some research before finally zeroing in on your stroller system.

In this article, we have taken some time to review a number of different stroller systems in the market today. We have also highlighted the major features of different stroller systems as well as the advantages. This article will help you find out exactly what to expect from your stroller system. We shall also go through a number of different things that you must think about when buying a stroller system.

If you are in the market searching for the most ideal stroller system for your child, this review should help you learn a lot and guide you through the process allowing you to buy exactly what is best for you.

Factors That You Must Consider When Purchasing a Travel Stroller System

The most ideal travel system is the one that will suit your needs perfectly. Each and every child may have their own unique necessities and requirements. However, you should still take the following factors into consideration before you purchase your stroller.

The Size and Weight of your Stroller.

A lightweight stroller that is small in size is the most preferred option. In fact, professionals and other experts often advise caregivers to look for baby carrying equipment that is lightweight and easy to use. It is important to also but a small size stroller, however, do not compromise on the space that is available for your baby to comfortably sit and wiggle around.

The stroller you purchase must be small enough to fold up and light allowing you to easily carry it around with just the use of a strap or a handle. This is the best allowing you to move around in the city, public transport areas, the airports, and the beach.

The Material Used and the Durability of Your Stroller.

A number of caregivers do not use the strollers each and every day. There are a number of days the child will simply spend time in the house. Never the less, the stroller that you purchase must be strong enough to hold out against different factors and conditions from traveling by air to using other means of public transportation.

Strollers that are designed with well-built steel or aluminum frames are so much more durable than the models with plastic frames. That is why it is important to purchase a stroller that can prove its durability.

The material of your stroller should be made of nylon fiber or any other material made by humans. Fabric that cannot tear or rip is very important. You will also have to ensure that your fabric is water-resistant. There are a number of strollers that come equipped with rain covers. Using materials that can easily be wiped down is also advisable as the stroller can maintain a clean and hygienic look all the time.

The Age of Your Child

Newborn babies cannot sit up on their own. Children between 3-6 months always lay flat on their backs. Therefore, when purchasing a stroller, you must ensure that it can incline down allowing your child to lay flat on the stroller. Experts also recommend gently elevating the stroller.

Purchasing a travel stroller that is padded and filled with additional extras is the best for babies who have not yet started walking. These kinds of strollers offer more than what the basic strollers can offer. You should also remember that a number of travel strollers are not equipped with suspension features. This means that babies can get really uncomfortable traveling in a stroller for hours.

The Ability to Fold and the Portability of your Stroller

The main reason why parents buy a travel stroller is to ensure that they can conveniently move around and travel almost anywhere with the stroller. This is why most small lightweight strollers come equipped with a carry-on strap or a handle.

It is also important to purchase a stroller that can easily fold. There are a number of strollers that fold quickly and easily with just one hand. This is the best for those who have lots of luggage in one hand or could be carrying their child. Everyone would benefit from a stroller that simply flips open and collapses to close wherever you are.

There are some really small strollers that come with their own carrying bag. This small design is great as you can simply flip it over your shoulder leaving both of your hands free.

The Safety and Comfort of Your Travel Stroller

Needless to mention, the safety and comfort of your child must always be your number one priority. The travel stroller that you purchase must always have strong and secure shoulder straps and 5-point harness. These features will help to keep your little child safe.

The seats of your stroller should also be soft, padded and breathable. Ensuring that the stroller is filled with pads and is also quite soft will add to the comfort of the stroller. It is important to do your research before purchasing your travel stroller. Check if your stroller has gone through the rigorous safety tests and passed. It is also important that you find out if your stroller is acceptable for your baby’s age.

The Price of Your Stroller

The amount of money that you will spend on your travel stroller actually depends only on you. There are a number of strollers that are not expensive at all and provide you with all the basic functions that you need in a stroller. These strollers are equipped with shade for your baby, a seat, 4 wheels as well as a shopping basket.

If you are working with a budget that is more than $200 you could get yourself a stroller that comes with wheels that can work in all kinds of terrains and surfaces. A seat that can recline fully and is designed with breathable fabric that you can wipe. An adjustable strap handle or a travel bag making it easier to carry and move around with. A rain cover and an adaptor for your car seat or bassinet. You can also be assured that these strollers have a 5-point safety harness that is padded and you can easily fold it with just one hand.

Reviewing the Best Travel Stroller System

Comparison Table

Check on Amazon
37 x 37 x 25 inches
70 pounds
33 x 23 x 40 inches
30 pounds
Premium Fabrics with Plush Foam Padding
29 x 23.8 x 18.9 inches

UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System

This travel system is of high quality and its design is quite modern and chic. A number of users love this stroller because it is versatile and performs a number of functions. This stroller can be used for even two or three children.

This stroller is equipped with a number of features that are quite useful. The wheels are foam-filled and are made of rubber. The all-wheel suspension feature is great as the stroller gets to ride nicely and smoothly on all kinds of terrain within the city and even rough surfaces.

The seat is very comfortable equipped with very soft padding. It is easy to use as you only require just one hand to recline. It also has a 5-point restraint system which is ideal to ensure that your child remains safe. There is a canopy that has a pop-out sun visor. This canopy is designed with a special kind of fabric that safeguards your child from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultra-violet rays. VISTA also has an extendable handlebar that comes in quite handy as you can adjust the length to suit your preference. It is also convenient as you can push the stroller with just one hand.

Under the seat of the stroller, there is a large basket that has a large storage capacity of up to 30 pounds. This capacity is great as it can fit all of the items that your baby will need as well as all your items too.

This travel system comes with the MESA infant car seat. The car seat is delivered with a car seat base that can quickly and easily be installed. The car seat also has an indicator that lets the user know whether the base of the seat has been properly installed. The MESA car seat has received awards from NHTSA because of its ideal and safe features and it is also very easy to use.

Other amazing features of the car seat includes the headrest that is adjustable and supports your child’s head. The fabric is breathable and easily draws off liquids which means it can be easily wiped down.


  • It is designed with high-quality materials
  • It is easy to use folding with just the use of one hand
  • It can be used on all kinds of terrains and surfaces.


  • It is really large and heavier than other strollers in the market


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Britax B-Lively Travel System

The Britax B-Lively Travel System is a combination of the new B-Lively Stroller as well as the B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat. The principal features of this new stroller system include a storage basket that has a large capacity, an improved canopy as well as an additional footwell for the child. The system is light in weight and can easily maneuver from one point to the next.

This stroller is really one of the best when it comes to moving from point A to B. This is because it is equipped with a 3-wheel configuration system as well as a pivoting front-wheel. This allows you to easily squeeze through small and narrow spaces. Steering the stroller and turning from left to right is so easy even if you use only one hand.

This stroller has literally been manufactured for caregivers who are often moving around working and handling errands. Folding this stroller is so easy and it fits in nearly all car trunks. The frame of this car is made from light aluminum material which makes it so easy to lift and carry around.

The stroller has a really spacious basket as well as additional pockets that can be found around the stroller. This is great because you can just stuff anything you need in the stroller and it will fit quite easily. You no longer have to carry a large bulky bag around and you have more freedom to have a lot of fun with your children.

The seat is great as it can recline all the way to a flat position which is quite necessary especially when your child is taking a nap. There is also the inclusion of a really nice mesh window that is quite large. The window improves ventilation. The canopy on this stroller is made of a material that protects your baby from harmful UV rays.

The B-Safe 35 car seat is designed in the shape of a shell. The seat is quite deep and the sides are curved. This design helps to reduce the movement from one side to the next and also helps to keep the baby in a very stable position. It is great at absorbing energy and protecting the child during an accident or collision.


  • It is the best at maneuvering from one point to the next and you can use only one hand to steer
  • It folds quickly and easily
  • It has a strong durable design


  • The handlebar for this stroller cannot be adjusted


View price on Amazon


Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

The Chicco Bravo Trio is one of the best travel systems in the market. It easily transforms from the stroller to the car seat really quickly. It is safe to use and the good news is that users do not need to look for any additional adapters for this stroller.

This travel system has a number of amazing features such as the canopy that you can remove and adjust. You can also adjust the handlebar to suit your needs. Under the seat, there is a basket with a large capacity allowing you to stack all of the baby’s items as well as your own items.

It is equipped with a single-action space that comes in quite handy when protecting the baby. The narrow design of this stroller allows it to easily fit through small and tight spaces.

The seat on this stroller is detachable allowing you to attach the car seat onto the frame of the stroller. You can also recline the seat by simply pushing one button allowing your baby to lie flat or sleep comfortably.

The wheels are foam-filled, making them quite ideal for moving around the city with. The all-wheel suspension feature is great for absorbing shock. Another great feature of this stroller is its ability to fold. It can fold to a really compact size, perfect for those who do not have much space in their home or car.

The infant car seat comes inclusive with a KeyFit 30. The KeyFit 30 can be easily attached to your stroller or the base of your car. The car seat has a ton of safety qualities and it has been named one of the most ideal car seats in the United States. It absorbs all kinds of energy and shock protecting your baby. The carry handle has a nice ergonomic design that comes in quite handy when maneuvering through crowds and public areas.


  • The car seat has one of the best safety features in the world
  • The stroller runs smoothly and nicely in the city
  • The stroller can be assembled quickly and easily


  • It does not run smoothly on dirt roads.
  • The sunshade that is on the infant’s car set can be hard to adjust


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Choosing the most ideal travel stroller is very important ensuring that your child is not only comfortable but also quite safe as you move up and down. The travel stroller system also needs to be easy to use. This will allow parents and other caregivers to maneuver, transport and push their children no matter where they are headed to.

We have gone through a number of travel stroller systems and in our opinion, the Britax B-Lively Travel System is the best option. This is because of its strong durable design and its easy features that allow you to maneuver smoothly from one point to the next with your child.

Whatever your preference, it is important to consider all of the products listed in this review and go through each and every one of the factors. The guide will help you finally zero in on the best travel stroller system for you and your baby.

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