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Best Tour Companies in Paris

by Stacy
Best Tour Companies in Paris

The city of lights and romance is a favorite for all who desire to immerse themselves in the elegant atmosphere that emanates from Paris. From the Eiffel Tower to Pont des Arts love locks, adventure beckons and why not cruise with CroisiEurope River Cruises to explore Paris and France with.

Paris is the go-to destination place for many and while planning a trip and trying to figure out all the itinerary can a daunting tasks, tour companies have come up with varying packages to cater to your needs. Finding the best tour companies in Paris is therefore the only task you will have to get the best experience out of this great capital.

Paris is often referred to as the city of love or the city of lights and the growing obsession with this capital is made more apparent with movies painting the picture of romance, art, fine dining, exquisite cuisine and all things sophistication. If Paris was a person, elegance would be the prominent character trait.

Therefore, we look at some of the companies you can use to get you started on an unforgettable Paris adventure.

Discover Walks Tours (Walking tours)

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 from 1,702 Reviews


Discover Walks is a perfect choice for those who don’t like exploring new places confined in buses. The walking tours offered vary really from one tour to the other. There are the Paris Free Tours such as the Left Bank – Lain Qarter Tour, Specialty Tours such as the stunning Paris Night Tour and the Private Tours such as A la Carte Private Tours to mention just a few.

The guides as well contribute to making Discover Walks a reputable company. They are passionate and are knowledgeable about the great city of love, and they eagerly await new travelers to be able to share with them all they know.

No matter what season it may be, Discover Walks are committed to ensure that these tours happen every single day so head on over to their websites to look at the different tours and what would best suit you.

  • Passionate and knowledgeable guides
  • Tours every single day despite weather conditions.

Open Tour Paris

TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5 from 3,480 Reviews

Open Tour Paris was founded in the year 1998 and was actually the first company to introduce the now famous concept of having a regular tourist line with buses that have open-top double-deckers in all of France.

It currently has a fleet of over 40 buses which not only serve the major highlights of the capital but also duals as a frequent service stop so if you’re looking to tour Paris by bus, this is the team to pick. It is actually the most common way of touring Paris and that is because of the freedom it gives you; you’re in a bus but it doesn’t confine you.

Basically how it works is you buy a pass for either a day, two or three and you get to board the buses and access all three routes and you quite literally hop on and off at any of the three designates stops.

It’s also great since you can have your children join you on these tours as Open Tour Paris offers great tales and legends for the little ones.

  • Open-ended double-decker buses
  • One bus every 15/20 minutes
  • Audio guides in 12 languages
  • Tales and legends for children

4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie

TripAdvisor Rating: 5 from 729 Reviews

This is quite a unique experience to be a part of and if you want to explore Paris in a chic way, 4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie is the way to do it. It provides an authentic retro French car known as the deux chevaux which transforms the experience into an authentic and original Paris tour; definitely an upgrade.

Get to experience an intimate, unique and intimate tour as you travel in their 2CVs convertibles which offer amazing views and really create the right atmosphere required for Paris. Enjoy a romantic getaway or a fun adventure to satisfy your curious mind by having the option to create your own escapade. Be sure to look out for their extras to extend your tour.

  • Authentic French Experience
  • 2CVs convertibles

Blue Bike Tours

TripAdvisor Rating: 5 from 5,191 Reviews

For those looking for a biking experience where you get to ride a bike around as you tour and explore, then Blue Bike Tours really do give you that. They’ll either offer you an adventure into Paris or the countryside and no matter which one you pick out, you’ll come out with great memories.

It works with small sized groups and has dedicated, passionate guides who enjoy what they do and the activities are well thought out. Their goal is to ensure that they deliver enough memories to last you a lifetime by helping you discover the enchanting charms of France with the vibrant cultures. With day trips and tours, there’s a lot more to explore and discover.

Blue Bike Tours guarantees to give you an educative experience that is fun, filled with great memories and most of all tours that are hassle free. Their aim is not so much as to gain the fame and numbers, but to be the best in the game when it comes to providing tours. If they can get you to fall in love with the beautiful Paris, then therein lies their joy.

You can to choose from their list of bike tours such as the 8 hour Versailles Bike Tour or even the 4 hour Paris Bike Tour where you get to fully unpack all of Paris secrets.

  • Small group sizes
  • Family owned and operated
  • The more you book the more you save
  • Money back guarantee

Paris City Vision

Tourradar Rating: 4.4/5

Being in existence since 1929, Paris City Vision has continued to show exemplary performance offering a wide variety of guided tours in not only Paris but also in all of France showing all the attractive tourism destinations. It is jam packed with activities, excursions, tourist circuits as well as guided visits anywhere in France.

This is sightseeing company where you can easily book the activities as well as excursions you would wish to be a part of online. Some of the activities online include Romantic Dinners in Paris, Day Trips in France or Paris by Night. For some of the attraction tours available, you’ll get to experience an Evening City Tour, Seine Cruise and Eiffel Tower 2nd Floor with Priority Access, a day trip to London from Paris and a lot more to choose from.

From relaxed walking tours to tours by bus you get to travel to all the hidden spots of the city to get to enjoy the breathtaking views as you enjoy the city of lights with your loved one(s). Try and take advantage of the tours that depart from Paris to the Chateaux de la Loire, Normandy Beaches, Mont Saint-Michel as well as Provence.

  • Professional guides; over 300
  • In existence since the year 1929
  • Offers the best experience in France
  • Number ranking in Paris

CroisiEurope River Cruises

Tourrader Rating: 4.4/5

CroisiEurope River Cruises are the best option for you if you are looking for cruising tours. While usually cruise tours are said to be pricy, CroisiEurope came up with affordable prices that are appealing to all. This was made possible as the team sat down and thought of everything including the construction of their ships, assembling of their crews to the integration of the logistical teams as well as sales.

The ships are cozy and you are guaranteed of quality services with fine dining. At your service are renowned French Chefs such as the great Marc Haeberlin so poor cruise ship foods will be a thing of the past when you chose to cruise CroisiEurope.

With 43 ships, this company is proud to the best river ship company in Europe. Enjoy cruising the Chateaux of the Loire Valley or if you fancy a bird’s eye view of the Loire then you’ll be taken on a helicopter ride to enjoy the beautiful scenes. Alternatively, enjoy a tourist cruise on the Erdre River and learn of the rivers history and get to discover the numerous chateaux along the path.

  • Value for money
  • Eco friendly
  • Europe’s largest river coast line
  • French cuisine and a European Flair

Tips to consider when travelling to Paris, the city of love.


Paris is best explored on foot

Like most European countries, Paris is not an exception. To get the best experience of your trip, then carry some comfortable shoes to be ready for in-depth connections with the local scenery to get a better perspective of the capital.

Walking enables you to find those hidden gems that you wouldn’t otherwise find were you to travel by bus or use the metro. By you passing accidentally stumbling upon a little book store, this could be the one experience that will stand out for you and actually create a permanent memory to be passed on from generation to generation.

Take some free and self-guided walking tours

If you’re travelling to Paris for the first time, then the best way to get to learn about Paris is to take advantage of the free walking tours. There are some tours that will indicate that you will tip the guide at the end of the tour. However, you could really get to discover a lot of self-guided tours if you check the web. This will be a great starting point for you. Preferably try and take the walking tours before any of your other tours as this is a great introduction into Paris. Sort of like a summary before you go into the more detailed stuff.

Use public transportation

When in Paris the best means of transportation will be the metro because it is fast, efficient and most of all affordable. If you’re planning on travelling short distances this will the fastest to avoid long traffic by taking a taxi. If you do plan o using the metro quite often or you’re visiting as a group, be sure to get yourself a ‘carnet’. What this essentially means is that you’ll be getting 10 metro tickets at a relatively low price compared to if you were buying them individually.

When using the metro, you want to make sure you keep an eye out for all belongings at all times. Should anyone offer to help you buy the tickets, listen to me, don’t do it. This is a scam that is used a lot where someone will ask to help you only to rob you off by getting a cheaper ticket that is only one way. As such, only buy from the machines or a designated desk.

Metro tickets are slowly exiting the scene and are being replaced by the Easy Navigo pass but they’ll probably be in use for just a little longer but keep an ear out.

Get a Paris Pass

If you have an activity filled to-see list for Paris and want to make sure you visit all the attractions while you’re there, then get yourself a press pass. This pass comes with amazing benefits because for one you will no longer have to queue in line and two, you won’t have to pay for the metro so quite literally you can live in the metro and only get out to go to your desired attractions. That is an amazing feature so be on the lookout next time.

Before you go ahead and purchase the press pass, try and combine all the places you would wish to visit and then add up the total and see whether it will be more than the press pass would cost you or no, before proceeding. Should you see that the press pass would cost you more, then go ahead and still purchase all the tickets before because that way you will still save yourself time that would have otherwise been wasted queueing.

Carry your student ID

If you’re 26 and younger, have your student ID and are a resident of the EU, then make sure you carry with you your student ID card. This is because most attractions, museums and monuments give free entry to individuals who fit the aforementioned. So if you’re planning on touring don’t leave that gem behind. Other establishments give student discounts so really, it’s a must carry it you have it.

Say ‘Bonjour’ whenever you enter a shop

While this may seem like a chore especially if you come from a place where that isn’t normal behavior, you might want to get used to it. Saying bonjour when you enter a store will smoothen out communications for you without you even trying much. However, should you get into a store and forget to mention it, then it really is the opposite; it’s considered rude and your communications will be awkward and not so welcoming.

Extend your horizon and don’t let the Eiffel Tower blind you

Most of us tend to think that the Eiffel Tower is smack in the middle of Paris and is the heart of the Paris but this really isn’t the case. It is actually surrounded by a lot of nothing; empty space. It is situated in the Western side and so therefore if you were really looking to find the heart of Paris, you would be looking at Sainte Chapelle and the Hotel Dieu de Paris which is towards the Ile de la Cite.

So make sure you expand your horizon a lot more and explore. Learn as much as you can about Paris and aim to leave the place with a new fun fact.

Avoid renting a car

Avoid renting a car when you’re in Paris as this will be more of an inconvenience than anything else. The traffic is normally congested in some locations and don’t forget about the different driving styles that vary across different countries. It will stress you out and leave more agitated than never. Take advantage of the affordable and readily available public transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to travel to Paris?

While some many locations don’t necessarily require you to choose specific timings, to embrace the beauty that Paris has to offer with the rich chic culture and top notch cuisine, one ought to visit during the shoulder seasons. These are the seasons right before or after the summer.

Summers are heavily crowded making it a nightmare to be visiting during that time due to long queues and expensive charges. However, wait out the summer and come after everyone’s returned to their daily obligations and you will not only not have to bear with the long queues but also things will be going for reduced prices.

So, plan out your leave days to not coincide with everyone else’s fee time.

How safe is Paris?

While Paris is such a beautiful place to visit, it is notorious for pick-pocketers who ‘’accidentally’’ bump into people as a way of searching for what they can get away with. They especially target foreigners and you should take care of your valuables by making sure that your money is not all in one spot but that you’ve scattered.

What’s the cost of living in Paris?

The cost living in Paris is actually the highest globally. For those who know their war around the capital, they can manage to access buildings or even homes at affordable prices and will manage to live just fine in Paris and get by comfortably. Knowing the tricks will save such individuals from having to pay the same amount that tourists do. If you happen to land a job in Paris, then the salaries are equally just as high with Paris being ranked as the one with the highest salaries in France.

Do I need to be able to speak French?

Yes, even if just a little. Having your basics in French will go a long way as France really is a French speaking country and therefore majority of the people are French speakers. Knowing basic phrases will go a long way in helping you navigate the capital better.

Knowing who to trust to take care of your travelling plans is important but having gone through some of the best tour companies in Paris, I feel that you are closer to getting the Paris experience you have been longing for. After you’ve toured Paris feel free to share your experience with others. Life is all about creating memories and sharing them.

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