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Aircomfy ease travel pillow review

by Stacy
Aircomfy ease travel pillow review

Do you travel a lot? You probably have experienced the neck pain that develops as you maintain an upright position. Get aircomfy ease travel pillow today and boost your comfort level.

A travel pillow is not your standard pillow. It comes in unique shape and is designed to be used while on the move. This gives your neck the support it needs during travel to avoid the development of pressure points that can cause pain as you sleep.

Whether you travel a lot on a plane or car, you need to use the aircomfy ease travel pillow during your journey. This is great for both adults and kids on the go. If you are a restless sleeper, this travel pillow can boost the quality of your sleep while on a journey. It is designed to give your head the stability it needs during sleeping. Some people also use this travel pillow while working at night. You can even utilize it in your car for your daily commute.

What you should expect

Aircomfy ease travel pillow looks not only great but also works great. It comes in an ergonomic design to support your neck in the right position as you sleep. Unlike regular pillows, the shape and size of this one are a bit different, making it ideal for travel. You can easily fold your pillow and bring it with you wherever you go since it comes in a cover and strap that enhance mobility.

The manufacturer reveals that this travel pillow weighs about 6 ounces, thus making it easy to carry. Many people try to travel light and bring along only the essentials. This pillow should be part of the basic things you bring along on your next journey since it does not take up much space. You will also like the soft material that is used in the making of this travel pillow. It gets rid of any discomfort.

Key features

Apart from the elegant appearance of the travel pillow, its features are what makes it worth buying. Some of the features of this travel pillow include the following:

  • Adjustable inflation

The travel pillow is quite efficient because you can inflate or deflate it as you wish within a few seconds. We all like different pillow sizes while sleeping. This travel pillow gives you the freedom to adjust its inflation so that you create the ideal size. It offers room for both adult and kid sizes. It is easy to make this travel pillow soft or firm based on your preference. This travel pillow comes with a stay-on valve which you use to breathe in some air in it. If you want it fully inflated, give it at least a day for the foam filling to reach its maximum capacity.

  • Low profile design

Traveling is enjoyable, but it comes with its share of problems. Some people tend to feel claustrophobic, especially when traveling at night for the first time. The low profile design of aircomfy ease travel pillow eliminates this and increases relaxation. Your neck does not have to feel bulky anymore as you sleep without laying down. It also comes with side wings that ensure that your head does not keep on tilting while you are sound asleep. It, therefore, saves you from the embarrassment of falling on your travel seatmate every time. This also prevents you from developing a stiff neck during your journey.

  • Inner foam

The manufacturer of this travel pillow uses foam in its making. Unlike other travel pillows, this does not feel hollow or bouncy due to the luxurious inner foam included. You will, therefore, enjoy lying on it for hours without the need to keep on changing your head position sideways.

  • Full neck and lumbar support

Due to the shape of aircomfy ease travel pillow, you enjoy full neck support. The center of the pillow cradles your neck arc, providing ample support as you expect. At the back part of the pillow is an elastic band that secures the pillow in the right position. It also allows you to move around with the pillow without the risk of losing it. If you are looking for lumbar support, feel free to anchor your pillow on your car or desk chair. This boosts the pillow’s versatility and lets you enjoy greater comfort.

  • Removable cover

The pillowcase is made from velvet material that helps you sleep soundly. Feel free to remove the cover of your pillow and wash it from time to time. The removable cover prevents the accumulation of dirt on your pillow so that you can always bring it with you without worrying about hygiene issues. The removable cover is durable and not slippery.

  • Portability

Feel free to carry the travel pillow in different ways. It comes in a packsack and a carabiner that enhances portability. You get several options for carrying it. Since you can deflate it, one way of carrying it would be storing it in your suitcase. You can also move it while inflated by attaching it to the rest of your luggage with the clip. Drape the band over your suitcase’s handle.


  • It offers lumbar support and prevents you from pain
  • The travel pillow is compact
  • You get a comfortable headrest
  • You can inflate it with ease
  • It is washable


  • The strap is not practical when using it for lumbar support on an airplane


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Final word

Do you have back problems and travel a lot? You need to get a travel pillow that offers lumbar support. Aircomfy ease travel pillow can prevent pain while on a journey. It comes in an ideal size, which makes it comfortable on your neck and portable. Since it is an air bladder, you can adjust its thickness as per your preference and use it for all your travel needs. Your package also includes a compact bag that makes carrying this travel pillow easy. Try using aircomfy ease travel pillow today and create a relaxing atmosphere while sleeping on the plane or bus.


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